Learn for Tuvia Ben Harav Chanoch (Mr. Tobias Berman)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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Current Signups

1AdamGittin daf 30
5AnonymousGittin dafim 21-24, 31
6Ari K/ Ezra BaronGittin dafim 38-43
1Aryeh GoldressGittin daf 25
1Aryeh MargolinGittin daf 51
3Ben CohenGittin dafim 68-70
1Caleb Gitlitz and Shim KoshnerGittin daf 66
2Chanoch AminskyGittin dafim 59, 61
1AriGittin daf 49
1David and Daniel PiankoGittin daf 28
1David TannerGittin daf 58
1Doni MiretzkyGittin daf 48
3DZFGittin dafim 63-65
2M Strauss/E KleinGittin dafim 26-27
3Ephraim KleinGittin dafim 81-83
1Yosef AxelrodGittin daf 29
1Rav Elchanan AdlerGittin daf 76
2Eliakim KoenigsbergGittin dafim 71-72
1Ephraim MeiriGittin daf 84
1Gabe IsaacsGittin daf 80
1Yosef KalinskyGittin daf 88
2Heshy and Zev ReichmanGittin dafim 56-57
1Mayer TwerskyGittin daf 60
2Morris DweckGittin dafim 2-3
6Naftali KatsmanGittin dafim 15-20
13PeloniGittin dafim 2-14
4Sam CohenGittin dafim 74-75, 77-78
1Sage FriedmanGittin daf 50
1Shai KohnGittin daf 47
1Tanchum CohenGittin daf 73
2Willie BalkGittin dafim 86-87
2Yael EvgiGittin dafim 52-53
2Yair CaplanGittin dafim 44-45
2Yedidya SchechterGittin dafim 62, 67
2Yitzchok CohenGittin dafim 89-90
2Yonadav and AytanGittin dafim 54-55
1Yonatan KurzGittin daf 79
1Yosef Chaim ReissGittin daf 46
3Yossi RybakGittin dafim 32-34
3Zachary MarcusGittin dafim 35-37
1Zvi RommGittin daf 85
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