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Every year, shuls and yeshivos around the globe stay up all night in a joint anticipation of Kabbalas HaTorah. Due to the current situation, many shuls and yeshivos won't be holding programs. However, that doesn't mean that we can't join together for this momentous occasion. No matter where you find yourself, this Shavuos, let us come together through that which has the power to unite all Jews together, the power of Talmud Torah, in memory of all those who have succumbed to the coronavirus. Iy"H, we should be mekabel the Torah k'ish echad b'lev echad, and put an end to this pandemic, and all suffering!

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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 7 Sivan 5780 (Saturday, May 30, 2020) sundown.
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Bava Kamma (110/118 93.2%)
Bava Metzia (15/118 12.7%)
Bava Basra (15/175 8.6%)
Sanhedrin (46/112 41.1%)
Makkos (27/23 117.4%)
Shevuos (2/48 4.2%)
Avodah Zarah (33/75 44%)
Horayos (13/13 100%)

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

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3 siyums total

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Current Signups

10JordanAvodah Zarah dafim 36-45
2Akiva SchuckBava Metzia dafim 60-61
49AnonymousBava Metzia dafim 24-25; Bava Basra dafim 108-118; Makkos dafim 2-24; Horayos dafim 2-14
2Ari PollackBava Metzia dafim 2-3
4Benyamin BortzMakkos dafim 2-5
3Avi KupchikBava Metzia dafim 4-6
10Benny JacobBava Kamma dafim 17-26
3David HaymovBava Kamma dafim 30-32
22David TannerShevuos dafim 2-3; Avodah Zarah dafim 2-21
3Doni MiretzkyBava Kamma dafim 62-64
7Gabe IsaacsBava Kamma dafim 38-44
7Jake epsteinBava Kamma dafim 55, 72-77
2Jake EpsteinBava Kamma dafim 56-57
3Jake GreenbergAvodah Zarah dafim 46-48
3Jake sternBava Metzia dafim 44-46
1YosefBava Basra daf 11
5Jonah trippBava Kamma dafim 33-37
3Netanel KramerBava Metzia dafim 21-23
22Noah MeimounSanhedrin dafim 40-61
4Rafi KreitmanBava Kamma dafim 58-61
29Yitzchok FriedmanBava Kamma dafim 6-10; Sanhedrin dafim 90-113
8shimmy weissBava Kamma dafim 46-50; Bava Basra dafim 8-10
3Shimon GreenlandBava Kamma dafim 14-16
4Shmuel RossBava Kamma dafim 51-54
3Simon MorgensternBava Kamma dafim 27-29
37Tzvi GreenbergBava Kamma dafim 83-119
5Yonatan KurzBava Kamma dafim 78-82
1Yonatan SturmBava Kamma daf 45
3Yossi WeissBava Kamma dafim 65-67
3Zack GoldbergBava Kamma dafim 11-13
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