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Beis Torah Study! Sefer Yermiyahu! The Book of Jeremiah, 52 chapters/perakim.

In preparation for the 17th of Tammuz we completed the Book of Isaiah/Yishayahu which shares prophecies both of destruction and of redemption. In our brokeness, we can find faith to believe in healing. Today, we enter the 3 weeks in our calendar in which we comemmorate the stages that led to destruction of the beis hamikdash, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Jeremiah was the prophet who tells us this story and so we begin his book today. Join the Beis as we continue our study of Latter Prophets, Neviim Achronim.

Our goal is to complete Jeremiah by Rosh Chodesh Elul, Aug 17th.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 30 Av 5783 (Thursday, August 17, 2023) sundown.

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Current Signups

8Adam JacobsonShmuel 2 chapters 13-20
4Allen PaisnerYeshaya chapters 36-39
5AmandaShmuel 2 chapters 8-12
10Esther KupermanShoftim chapters 15-21; Yirmiya chapters 1-3
9Benjamin ChaidellMelachim 2 chapters 17-25
5Daniel and akivaYehoshua chapter 16; Shmuel 1 chapters 5, 23-25
18Eliyahu SpivackShmuel 1 chapters 11-20; Yeshaya chapters 3-10
4Esther KYeshaya chapters 30-33
12Esther-Leah DillonYehoshua chapters 10-15; Shoftim chapters 1-6
10Hart LevineYehoshua chapters 20-24; Yeshaya chapters 54-58
21Hilly AdlerMelachim 2 chapters 10-16; Yeshaya chapters 11-24
18Jacob KleinYehoshua chapters 4-9; Shmuel 1 chapters 29-31; Yeshaya chapters 40-48
5Jonah Kaufman-CohenYeshaya chapters 25-29
5Miriam KerseyYeshaya chapters 59-63
9Molly PocrassShoftim chapters 7-11; Yeshaya chapters 64-66; Yirmiya chapter 24
3Nathan KelseyMelachim 2 chapters 1-3
3NechomaShmuel 1 chapters 26-28
6neil fleischmannShmuel 1 chapters 1-4; Yeshaya chapters 1-2
14NoahMelachim 1 chapters 1-14
6Noah DoshnaMelachim 2 chapters 4-9
6Rafael WirtschafterShmuel 1 chapter 21; Yeshaya chapters 49-53
3Sara ShatzYehoshua chapters 17-19
4Stacey BayerShmuel 2 chapters 21-24
7Tanya FarberShmuel 2 chapters 1-7
2TBFYeshaya chapters 34-35
3Shalhevet CahanaYehoshua chapters 1-3
11Yitzchak FriedmanShoftim chapters 12-14; Melachim 1 chapters 15-22
1Yoni OppenheimShmuel 1 chapter 22
5Zev AaronShmuel 1 chapters 6-10
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