Learn for שמחה בונם בן ירחמיאל (Rabbi Dr. Simcha Bunim (Sanford) Parsons)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Hello everyone,

Our goal is to finish שישה סדרי משנה by י"ט טבת which is the afternoon of December 23rd. The siyum will be taking place at the Shloshim on December 23rd in the evening.

Zaidy was the embodiment of limud Torah. Always asking his grandchildren to tell him a piece of Torah. Please help us learn in his zechus!

Thank you all for making this possible.

May we be able to uplift the Neshama to the highest of the highs!

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 19 Tevet 5782 (Thursday, December 23, 2021) sundown.

Mishna Siyum is 92% Assigned
(58/63 Tractates)

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√Berachos (9) √Peah (8) √Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) √Sheviis (10) √Terumos (11)
√Maasros (5) √Maaser Sheini (5) √Challah (4)
√Orlah (3) √Bikkurim (4)  


√Shabbos (24) √Eruvin (10) √Pesachim (10)
√Shekalim (8) √Yoma (8) √Sukkah (5)
√Beitzah (5) √Rosh Hashanah (4) √Taanis (4)
√Megillah (4) √Moed Katan (3) √Chagigah (3)


√Yevamos (16) √Kesuvos (13) √Nedarim (11)
√Nazir (9) √Sotah (9) √Gittin (9)
√Kiddushin (4)   


√Bava Kamma (10) √Bava Metzia (10) √Bava Basra (10)
√Sanhedrin (11) √Makkos (3) √Shevuos (8)
√Edyos (8) √Avodah Zarah (5) √Avot (6)
√Horayos (3)   


√Zevahim (14) √Menahos (13) √Hullin (12)
√Bechoros (9) √Arakhin (9) √Temurah (7)
√Kerisos (6) √Meilah (6) √Tamid (7)
√Middos (5) √Kinnim (3)  


√Keilim (30) √Ohalos (18) Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) Taharos (10) √Mikvaos (10)
Niddah (10) Machshirin (6) √Zavim (5)
√Tevul Yom (4) √Yadayim (4) √Uktzin (3)

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1Aryeh TempelmanMenahos
1Avi MorellOrlah
19TakenBava Basra, Middos, Tevul Yom, Yadayim, Peah, Temurah, Demai, Sheviis, Maasros, Shabbos, Eruvin, Bechoros, Arakhin, Keilim, Ohalos, Parah, Mikvaos, Zavim, Edyos
1Nachy ParsonsYevamos
1Eitan MorellBava Kamma
1Eli SchermanMeilah
1Levi TempelmanMegillah
1Benzion ZachaiKerisos
3Shlomo SimpserSukkah, Tamid, Yoma
3שמעון טמפלמןBeitzah, Bava Metzia, Bikkurim
2זאב שרמןKinnim, Horayos
1אבי טמפלמןRosh Hashanah
1זאב באלדTaanis
1אלי מורלUktzin
3Nosson BursztynMoed Katan, Chagigah, Kiddushin
2ירחמיאל פרסנסKesuvos, Sanhedrin
1Moshe TempelmanGittin
1Shmueli SimpserMakkos
1Aaron BursztynBerachos
1Berel SimpserAvodah Zarah
1Noam FreedmanAvot
1צבי דינקעלסPesachim
1חנוך פרסנסShekalim
1יוסף פרסנסZevahim
1Yitz NormanNazir
1Yosef BerzonMaaser Sheini
1Tzvi BerzonShevuos
1Shmuel BerzonNedarim
1Yosef ParsonsSotah
2שחר מורלChallah, Hullin
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