Learn for PIDYON CHEVUIM -- Free jewish prisoners

Chalom ! Chalom! b'h !

Please pray for Rona bat Meli Malka: mother of Libi and Yael. They are living in a house of arrest in Baltimore. Yael bat Rona was born there. We are afraid of Rona goes to jail now.


Please help us to give zechutot to them bevakacha.

By reading the entire Sefer Devarim on Chabbat Kodesh, it gives great yeshuot Tovot in your life and the week upcoming. You can give your names to HaTzadik HaRav Yochiahou Yossef Ben Rabbanite Zahri Pinto Chlita to be blessed thanks to your Limud and Kelim you are about to create and recieve the Berakha of HQB'H bzh !

Bezekhout Rabbi Chaim Pinto Hagadol veHakatan, and Abir Yaakov Abi'hssira Haqadoch !

Todah lekha ! Berakha Hatzlacha veShemiras b'chol inayim Mamach ! Kol Touv Selah !

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