• Question: How do I make a private siyum?
    Answer: Use the "password" option when adding a siyum, then email the siyum link to the relevant people with the password.
  • Question: Can I change the top banner?
    Answer: Use the "Custom Banner" option when adding a siyum and upload your own banner.
  • Question: Can I use Sefardi pronunciation for the tractates?
    Answer: Yes. Use the "sefardi pronunciation" option when creating the siyum.
  • Question: How do I make a private siyum without going through this site?
    Answer: Use the googledocs. Copy to your googledrive and modify as you wish. Then share the document with the relevant people.
  • Question: How do I embed a siyum on my own website?
    Answer: Use the googledocs. They can be embedded on an external website. Make a copy and modify as you wish. Then ask your programmer to embed it on your website or try to do it yourself. Instructions here.
  • Question: Does all the reward for my torah study go to the person I am learning for?
    Answer: Learning Torah or doing a good deed for the merit of someone else does not take away from the merit of the person who is learning or doing the deed" - heard from Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky.




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