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At this auspicious time as we approach Rosh Hashana, join together as a community by completing Masechect Rosh Hashana. Please choose a daf and complete it by Monday 23 Sept. The Siyum will take place at Milpark Hospital.

Minchah 5.45 followed by Siyum and maariv.

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 23 Elul 5779 (Monday, September 23, 2019) sundown.

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Current Signups

1Aaron GreensteinRosh Hashanah daf 15
1Adam MusnitzkyRosh Hashanah daf 21
1Alon LeverRosh Hashanah daf 14
5AnonymousRosh Hashanah dafim 9-10, 22-24
1Ariel ElbaumRosh Hashanah daf 8
1AvidanRosh Hashanah daf 3
1BenRosh Hashanah daf 13
1Brett DemboRosh Hashanah daf 30
1Daniel AlterRosh Hashanah daf 16
1Eitan ChipkinRosh Hashanah daf 27
1Eli Feigenbaum and Yehuda SobelRosh Hashanah daf 20
1EthanRosh Hashanah daf 5
1Gadi SachsRosh Hashanah daf 28
2Gidon RombergRosh Hashanah dafim 2, 28
1Idan HorowitzRosh Hashanah daf 11
2Ilan RaananRosh Hashanah dafim 19, 26
2Rabbi ALtmanRosh Hashanah dafim 2, 35
1KobiRosh Hashanah daf 29
1Lior RonthalRosh Hashanah daf 7
2Marc ChipkinRosh Hashanah dafim 17-18
1Martin SkudickyRosh Hashanah daf 12
1Michael SieffRosh Hashanah daf 4
1Natan MendelsohnRosh Hashanah daf 6
1Peter KatzRosh Hashanah daf 16
1Rabbi CannonRosh Hashanah daf 34
1Steve MorrisRosh Hashanah daf 25
1Yishai GershuniRosh Hashanah daf 33
2Yoni Segal and Noam SieffRosh Hashanah dafim 31-32
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