Learn for אברהם נחמן בן שיינה רחל (Avraham Nachman Ben Shayna Rachel)
Refuah Shelema

As per Reb Chaim Kanievsky's request, learning gemara Brachos will be a zichus for אברהם נחמן בן שיינה רחל for a complete refuah shilamia iyh bekorov !

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 18 Elul 5780 (Monday, September 07, 2020) sundown.

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2Aaron wolfsonBerachos dafim 17-18
1Moshe WolfsonBerachos daf 62
9Raphael RokowskyBerachos dafim 2-4, 55-60
1Avromi WalmarkBerachos daf 43
1Eli AbrahamBerachos daf 61
1Daniel WolfsonBerachos daf 46
3Yanky SafierBerachos dafim 25-27
1Joey FelsenBerachos daf 42
1Dovid Mordechai WolfsonBerachos daf 41
1Aaron WolfsonBerachos daf 50
1Dovid WolfsonBerachos daf 63
2Avraham Moshe WolfsonBerachos dafim 44-45
3Boruch MichalowiczBerachos dafim 14-16
1CD KasirerBerachos daf 5
4David FohrmanBerachos dafim 30-33
1Dov ZaudererBerachos daf 10
1Dovi SaltzBerachos daf 47
1Duvie GottesmanBerachos daf 35
1Eliyahu WalmarkBerachos daf 13
1isaac safierBerachos daf 40
1Laiby GlattBerachos daf 54
2Meir LehmannBerachos dafim 8-9
2Motty PomerantzBerachos dafim 48-49
2Chesky SafierBerachos dafim 21-22
2Shimon WolfsonBerachos dafim 28-29
2Mendy ShererBerachos dafim 38-39
2Shlomo WolfsonBerachos dafim 11-12
2Yechiel BecherBerachos dafim 6-7
2Yehoshua FriedmanBerachos dafim 36-37
2Yisroel Meir WolfsonBerachos dafim 19-20
1Yisroel Meir WolmarkBerachos daf 34
1Yitzy BecherBerachos daf 64
3Yosef SegalBerachos dafim 51-53
2Yossi OratzBerachos dafim 23-24
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