Likhvod HaRabbonim HaTzadikim miZvhill zats'al

Kaf Daleth Mar'Cheshvan, Hilula HaTzadik HaQadoch HaRebbe Moshe Guedaliahu miZvhill zatsal, bh !

Segulah to see great yeshuos Mamach, on the Kever of Rabbi Moshe Guedaliahou miZvhill, to be done on Monday, Thursday, and Monday. It is the 3rd holy site the most visited in Eretz HaQodesh bh!

Bevakacha, ask for the Rebbe Shlit''a from Monsey: HaRav Yaakov Leib Goldman Shlit''a bzh +1 (845) 721-4894. The Rebbe Shlit''a is a great pure Neshama who likes dedicating himself so much to care about His children and his Kehilah with so much mercifulness and graciousness, delivering great advice and berakhot to everyone. He is enthusiasm and compassionate to every one of us. Bevakacha call him, and you will see great deliveries and tidings bezechus HaTorah, bezechus HaTzadikim Amitiyim of his holy family, bzh!

May Hashem grants us the merit to be altogether with Machiah Ben David, Machiah ben Yossef and Eliyahu HaNavi Zakhur LaTov and his holy Kehilah in Eretz HaQodesh in Yerushalayim Ir Zahav HaQochech at the Kotel to do a Seoudat Mitsvah with Nichmat Kol Chai and Kaddish for each siyum and for all of the upcoming and further siyumim bzh!

Tefilot of HaRav Eliezer Berland Shlit''a, bzh !

BeHatzlacha rabah meod Mamach b'chol inayim l'chol tov! Bessorot Tovot rabah always bzh! Tov Li! Todah laEl! Tziku leMitsvot! Kol touv selah spiritual and material always bzh!

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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 24 Heshvan 5781 (Wednesday, November 11, 2020) sundown.
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