In Memory of Abraham ben Simbol - Abraham T. Rudy. Our dad, a'h, passed away on Adar 25 last year. As the 12-month anniversary of his passing approaches (3/10/21), please help us complete Tanakh in his memory.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant Books, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 26 Adar 5781 (Wednesday, March 10, 2021) sundown.

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Bereishit (50) Shmot (40) Vayikra (27)
Bamidbar (36) Devarim (34)  


Yehoshua (24) Shoftim (21) Shmuel 1 (31)
Shmuel 2 (24) Melachim 1 (22) Melachim 2 (25)
Yeshaya (66) Yirmiya (52) Yechezkel (48)
Hoshea (14) Yoel (4) Amos (9)
Ovadia (1) Yona (4) Micha (7)
Nachum (3) Chavakuk (3) Tzefania (3)
Chagai (2) Zecharia (14) Malachi (3)


Tehilim (150) Mishlei (31) Iyov (42)
Daniel (12) Ezra (10) Nechemia (13)
Shir Hashirim (8) Ruth (4) Eicha (5)
Kohelet (12) Esther (10) Divrei Hayamim 1 (29)
Divrei Hayamim 2 (36)   

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1Abraham DayanTehilim
1Abraham RudyShmot
1Alisa Rudy ElulEzra
1Barbara BeydaShir Hashirim
1Charles Y. BeydaYeshaya
1David and VickiZecharia
1ely hararyShoftim
1Freddy JacobsKohelet
3Gabriel RudyShmuel 2, Shmuel 1, Ruth
1Haim OChavakuk
1Jeff BeydaMicha
2Layla RudyAmos, Tzefania
1Merle DweckMelachim 2
2Moshe essesEsther, Yona
4Ralph TawilDivrei Hayamim 1, Eicha, Divrei Hayamim 2, Nechemia
4ChalvaIyov, Yirmiya, Yechezkel, Devarim
1Robin CohenBereishit
1RON HERSHYehoshua
1Saul A. MishaanMelachim 1
1David RudyVayikra
5Steven FeldmanNachum, Malachi, Ovadia, Chagai, Hoshea
1Susan JacobsBamidbar
1Tami and Renna andMishlei
1Marlon PortesDaniel
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