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Join us as we complete the bookends of Torah (Sefer Breishit and Sefer Devarim) as a community in honor of Shavuot!

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 7 Sivan 5784 (Thursday, June 13, 2024) sundown.

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3Aaron SteinbergDevarim chapters 23, 26-27
4Atara LindenbaumDevarim chapters 16-19
3Frydman Orlow FamilyBereishis chapters 6-8
1Bob BrodyDevarim chapter 24
5Daniel BendavidDevarim chapters 9-13
6David WassermanDevarim chapters 29-34
4David, Barry, and Neil WassermanBereishis chapters 38-41
1Diane KolatchDevarim chapter 28
3Jeremy & Adina RosenblumBereishis chapters 9-11
2Jonathan PailBereishis chapters 15-16
6Jordan RosenstockDevarim chapters 1-6
4Kara olsonBereishis chapters 25-28
2Lara SiegelDevarim chapters 14-15
3Lisa and Mick GilbertDevarim chapters 20-22
4Metson FamilyBereishis chapters 42-45
9Michael KellmanBereishis chapters 17-21, 46-49
1Noam & DevoraDevarim chapter 25
2Amaru/Waitman FamilyBereishis chapters 3-4
4Rebecca WolfBereishis chapters 32-35
3Robert AlpertBereishis chapters 29-31
2SaltzmanBereishis chapters 12, 22
3Sara Rait-MarkoBereishis chapters 36-37, 50
3Sarah Fogel ShmulBereishis chapters 5, 23-24
2Shoshi BorowskiBereishis chapters 1-2
2Tani SchwartzBereishis chapters 13-14
2Yehuda CohenDevarim chapters 7-8
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