Shavuot Celebration

This year we plan to make a siyum on all of Torah (WITH RASHI!) to celebrate the giving of the Torah this Shavuot. The siyum will take place at lunch on the first day (June 12th) as part of our "24 Hours of Torah Marathon." You are invited to share your favorite Rashi at the siyum.

You do not need to participate to attend the lunch and celebrate the siyum and can participate in the siyum without attending the lunch.

Please email Rabbanit Yael ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 6 Sivan 5784 (Wednesday, June 12, 2024) sundown.

Tanach Siyum is 44.9% Assigned
(84/187 chapters)

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Bereishis (50/50 100%)
Shmos (12/40 30%)
Vayikra (6/27 22.2%)
Bamidbar (10/36 27.8%)
Devarim (6/34 17.6%)

Neviim books (disabled)

Kesuvim books (disabled)

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Current Signups

3Adrianne BurgherVayikra chapters 25-27
1Amanda GoldsteinBamidbar chapter 4
2Ariella NadlerDevarim chapters 1-2
1Avery HartShmos chapter 12
1Zev ZarkowskyVayikra chapter 23
3Matan ZarkowskyBereishis chapters 44-46
1Daniel NeimanBereishis chapter 43
17Debbie EisensteinBereishis chapters 23-36, 38-40
1Debi CrystalBereishis chapter 41
1Friedman Family (Ilana and Jeremy)Bereishis chapter 37
3Hody NemesBamidbar chapters 1-3
6Jeremy FriedmanShmos chapters 35-40
1Josh ShpayherDevarim chapter 6
3Sigalle ShpayherBereishis chapters 1-3
1Lauren and Bevy LustigBereishis chapter 11
3Leah NeimanDevarim chapters 3-5
4MichaelBereishis chapters 47-50
3Myra RapoportBereishis chapters 20-22
3Nina BlackBereishis chapters 7-9
2Paul QuintasVayikra chapters 19-20
8Rabbanit Yael KellerBereishis chapters 10, 42; Bamidbar chapters 5, 12, 17, 29, 35-36
4Rachael Gray-RaffShmos chapters 2-5
3Rachel SteinBereishis chapters 4-6
1Scott and Marcia DodelsonShmos chapter 1
3Tamara Kushnir GromanBereishis chapters 12-14
5Zev GoldbergBereishis chapters 15-19
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