Shavuos YIBR Shmuel Alef

Join Young Israel of Boca Raton as we march toward Matan Torah through learning Torah as a community. Choose a Sefer from Neviim to learn and bli neder complete by the second day of Shavuos May 30.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 7 Sivan 5780 (Saturday, May 30, 2020) sundown.

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Yehoshua disabledShoftim disabledShmuel 1 (31/31 100%)
Shmuel 2 disabledMelachim 1 disabledMelachim 2 disabled
Yeshaya disabledYirmiya disabledYechezkel disabled
Hoshea disabledYoel disabledAmos disabled
Ovadia disabledYona disabledMicha disabled
Nachum disabledChavakuk disabledTzefania disabled
Chagai disabledZecharia disabledMalachi disabled

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3CAROLINE R KALTERShmuel 1 chapters 25-27
11Carol K and FriendsShmuel 1 chapters 2-12
3Carol KalterShmuel 1 chapters 28-30
1Flora GoldsmithShmuel 1 chapter 13
1Julia E GanchrowShmuel 1 chapter 1
3Marlene JosephsShmuel 1 chapters 14-16
1Mimi MandelShmuel 1 chapter 31
4Olga YorishShmuel 1 chapters 21-24
2Ruth RabovskyShmuel 1 chapters 19-20
2Toba AuerbachShmuel 1 chapters 17-18
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