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BeShem Hashem Na'aseh Ve'Natzliach

Torah Ohr invites all to participate in a monumental milestone for the community. By Chanukah 5780 (December 2019) we aim to finish all the masechtot of Shas as well as all of Sifrei Tanach. Men are encouraged to select a masechta and women are encouraged to select one of sifrei Tanach and complete its study by Chanukah 5780 (December 2019). We will celebrate with a community Siyum Seudah.

May the light of our Torah study shine through next Chanukah.

Tanach for Ladies: Please click on this link to choose the sefer you would like to learn for individual study or with a friend.

For Neviim and Ketuvim:

For Parshiot of the Torah:


Amit Yaghoubi will be having a chabura for women for all ages! We plan on learning Shmuel Aleph and Bet.

To join, please contact (516) 423-2322 with your name.

Gemara For Men: Please click on this link to choose the masechta you would like to learn for individual study or with a friend.

For Gemara:

For Mishnayot:


Rabbi Nissim will be having a begginers level chabura on Masechet Rosh Hashana on Wednesday at 8pm.

To join, please contact him at (561) 907-2118

He will also be having an advanced chabura. Please text him for more information.

Daniel Sadian will be offering a chabura on Makkot!

To join, please text him at (516) 316-5571 with your information!

Rabbi Livian will be having a chabura for TEENS!

To join, please text him at (516) 423-4293.

For any questions, please contact (516) 423-3324.

To join this siyum, please check the relevant boxes, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 2 Tevet 5780 (Monday, December 30, 2019) sundown.
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Mishna Siyum is 50% Assigned
(13/26 Tractates)

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Berachot (9) disabledPeah (8) Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) Sheviit (10) Terumot (11)
Maasrot (5) Maaser Sheini (5) Challah (4)
Orlah (3) Bikkurim (4)  

Seder Moed (disabled)

Seder Nashim (disabled)


Bava Kamma (10) disabledBava Metzia (10) disabledBava Batra (10) disabled
Sanhedrin (11) disabledMakkot (3) disabledShevuot (8) disabled
Edyot (8) Avodah Zarah (5) disabled√Avot (6)
Horayot (3) disabled  


Zevahim (14) disabledMenahot (13) disabledHullin (12) disabled
Bechorot (9) disabledArakhin (9) disabledTemurah (7) disabled
Keritot (6) disabledMeilah (6) disabled√Tamid (7)
Middot (5) Kinnim (3)  


√Keilim (30) √Ohalot (18) √Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) √Taharot (10) √Mikvaot (10)
Niddah (10) disabled√Machshirin (6) √Zavim (5)
√Tevul Yom (4) √Yadayim (4) √Uktzin (3)

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1Ronen ShahkoohiAvot
1Yosef CohanTamid
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