Learn for מרת רייזל רחל בת ר' שמואל הלוי ע"ה (Mrs Rita Wolf O"H)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

As we as family and friends worldwide begin the aveilus for our dear Tante Rita O"H we are taught one the most beneficial things we can do for her Neshome is to learn as many Mishnayos as possible.

Tante Rita exemplified doing for others in every possible way.

This incredible program HADRAN ALACH will enable people from around the world to join in a united international limud Mishnayos to be completed in time for the end of the Sheloshim 16th Teives.

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 16 Tevet 5783 (Monday, January 09, 2023) sundown.

Mishna Siyum is 55.5% Assigned
(35/63 Tractates)

current signup list


√Berachos (9) Peah (8) Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) Sheviis (10) √Terumos (11)
Maasros (5) Maaser Sheini (5) √Challah (4)
√Orlah (3) √Bikkurim (4)  


√Shabbos (24) √Eruvin (10) Pesachim (10)
√Shekalim (8) √Yoma (8) √Sukkah (5)
√Beitzah (5) Rosh Hashanah (4) Taanis (4)
Megillah (4) Moed Katan (3) √Chagigah (3)


√Yevamos (16) √Kesuvos (13) √Nedarim (11)
√Nazir (9) √Sotah (9) Gittin (9)
Kiddushin (4)   


Bava Kamma (10) Bava Metzia (10) Bava Basra (10)
Sanhedrin (11) Makkos (3) Shevuos (8)
√Edyos (8) Avodah Zarah (5) √Avot (6)
√Horayos (3)   


√Zevahim (14) √Menahos (13) √Hullin (12)
Bechoros (9) √Arakhin (9) Temurah (7)
√Kerisos (6) √Meilah (6) √Tamid (7)
√Middos (5) Kinnim (3)  


Keilim (30) Ohalos (18) √Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) Taharos (10) √Mikvaos (10)
Niddah (10) Machshirin (6) √Zavim (5)
√Tevul Yom (4) √Yadayim (4) √Uktzin (3)

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Current Signups

10Shlomo GEdyos, Terumos, Eruvin, Meilah, Kerisos, Arakhin, Hullin, Negaim, Mikvaos, Zavim
1Avromi KornbluthTevul Yom
1Benny DunnerYevamos
1Boruch wasyngKesuvos
1Dovi WolfBeitzah
1Yanki WolfYadayim
1efi chontowBerachos
1Eli RingerChallah
2Laiby WolfShabbos, Nedarim
1Michoel pinderUktzin
1Raffi wolfMenahos
1Shimshi BambergerZevahim
1Shmuel ChontowMiddos
1Shmuli WolfHorayos
3Shulem GoldYoma, Sukkah, Shekalim
1Y SonenblickParah
1אפרים פישלTamid
3עקיבא וואלףOrlah, Bikkurim, Avot
1חיים וואלףChagigah
1יצחק וואלףSotah
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