Learn for Miriam Fayga Bat Chaya (Marissa Chadow)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Please join us in learning Mishnah in the memory of Miriam Fayga Bat Chaya (Marissa Chadow). We encourage all to take on as much or as little as they can to help us achieve our goal by Marissa's Yahrtziet. Please reach out to Ella Garbuz with any questions.

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 11 Shevat 5783 (Thursday, February 02, 2023) sundown.

Mishna Siyum is 93.9% Assigned
(31/33 Tractates)

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√Bava Kamma (10) √Bava Metzia (10) √Bava Basra (10)
√Sanhedrin (11) √Makkos (3) √Shevuos (8)
√Edyos (8) √Avodah Zarah (5) √Avot (6)
√Horayos (3)   


√Zevahim (14) √Menahos (13) √Hullin (12)
√Bechoros (9) √Arakhin (9) √Temurah (7)
√Kerisos (6) √Meilah (6) √Tamid (7)
√Middos (5) √Kinnim (3)  


Keilim (30) Ohalos (18) √Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) √Taharos (10) √Mikvaos (10)
√Niddah (10) √Machshirin (6) √Zavim (5)
√Tevul Yom (4) √Yadayim (4) √Uktzin (3)

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1A. GoldmanEdyos
2Aaron ChadowParah, Niddah
1Adina lewis garbuzMeilah
1Marci & RhondaYadayim
1Mariah & Avi KozlowskiShevuos
1Ella GarbuzMachshirin
1Ben LunzerArakhin
1Buddy WiseNegaim
1Daniel Jonathan RabizadehBava Metzia
1Daniel RaykherBava Kamma
1Doug DolitskySanhedrin
1Lawrence garbuzZavim
1Liav garbuzHullin
1Ella Sophia Lewis GarbuzBechoros
1Eva GarbuzTemurah
1Eva WynerUktzin
1Gabriel MetzgerKinnim
1Hal ChadowTamid
1Joseph HechtTevul Yom
1Josh KleinHorayos
1Lawrence GarbuzKerisos
2Liav GarbuzHullin, Makkos
1Lisa wiseMiddos
1Rachel RabizadehAvot
1Tani SiegelmanMikvaos
1SophieAvodah Zarah
1Yitzchak GettingerZevahim
1Yitzy SpinnerMenahos
1Brenda slochowskyTaharos
1Zach UngarBava Basra
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