Learn for Miriam Fayge Bat Ehud Levi (Marissa Chadow)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

This is an initiave to learn Mishnah in memory of Marissa Chadow, Aaron's sister. Not all of us had the same opportunity as others to get to know Marissa, but we can honor her memory by learning Torah together.

The plan is to finish as much of Mishnah as we can together by the end of Shloshim which is February 14th.

Please sign up for as much as you feel comfortable learning, and share with other friends of Aaron too!

If you have questions text Ella Garbuz at 9144263169.

Thank you all, and may we all see happier occassions soon.

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 13 Adar I 5782 (Monday, February 14, 2022) sundown.

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Berachos (9) Peah (8) Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) Sheviis (10) Terumos (11)
Maasros (5) Maaser Sheini (5) Challah (4)
Orlah (3) Bikkurim (4)  


Shabbos (24) Eruvin (10) Pesachim (10)
Shekalim (8) Yoma (8) Sukkah (5)
Beitzah (5) Rosh Hashanah (4) Taanis (4)
Megillah (4) Moed Katan (3) Chagigah (3)


Yevamos (16) Kesuvos (13) Nedarim (11)
Nazir (9) Sotah (9) Gittin (9)
Kiddushin (4)   

Seder Nezikim (disabled)

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

Seder Taharos (disabled)

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Current Signups

1Aaron ChadowYevamos
1David MandelKiddushin
1Aunt Rhonda and Cousin MarciOrlah
2Avi Kozlowski & Mariah SteinMoed Katan, Nedarim
1Avi RubinBerachos
1Brenda and Monica SlochowskyDemai
3Daniel RabizadehEruvin, Shekalim, Gittin
1David KorffChagigah
1Deborah chadowSheviis
1Doug DolitskyYoma
1Ella GarbuzNazir
1Elliot DecterTaanis
1Eva WynerSukkah
1Gabriel MetzgerBikkurim
1Hal ChadowPesachim
1Jesse MargaretenKesuvos
1Jessica Hill and Marc WeitzenShabbos
1Josh KleinPeah
1Liat and DanielleSotah
1Liav GarbuzBeitzah
1Mark wiseTerumos
1YoniMaaser Sheini
1Nachi GrossRosh Hashanah
1Roch & TzipMaasros
1Tamar shillerKilaim
1Tamara & ChadChallah
1Zach UngarMegillah
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