Learn for Gittel Miriam Bas R' Yaakov (Gloria Thurm)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Siyum Mishnayos Seder Nashim for the 1st Yahrzheit of Gittel Miriam bas R' Yaakov (Gloria Thurm) a"h

Please complete by Thursday night 10/28/21 at Shkiya (Yahrzheit then commences Thursday night / 23rd of Cheshvan).

May her neshoma have an aliyah from our learning.

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 22 Heshvan 5782 (Thursday, October 28, 2021) sundown.

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ch.1 - Harvey Thurm
ch.2 - Harvey Thurm
ch.3 - Reuven Glass
ch.4 - Reuven Glass
ch.5 - Reuven Glass
ch.6 - Josh Silber
ch.7 - Josh Silber
ch.8 - Josh Silber
ch.9 - Josh Silber
ch.10 - Josh Silber
ch.11 - Josh Silber
ch.12 - Josh Silber
ch.13 - Reuven Glass
ch.14 - Reuven Glass
ch.15 - Reuven Glass
ch.16 - Reuven Glass

ch.1 - Eli Halpert
ch.2 - Eli Halpert
ch.3 - Reuven Glass
ch.4 - Reuven Glass
ch.5 - Reuven Glass
ch.6 - Reuven Glass
ch.7 - Reuven Glass
ch.8 - Reuven Glass
ch.9 - Reuven Glass
ch.10 - Reuven Glass
ch.11 - Reuven Glass
ch.12 - Reuven Glass
ch.13 - Reuven Glass

ch.1 - Jason Misher
ch.2 - Jason Misher
ch.3 - Elli Eisenman
ch.4 - Elli Eisenman
ch.5 - Barry Eisenman
ch.6 - Jonah Cohen
ch.7 - Jonah Cohen
ch.8 - Avi Eisenman
ch.9 - Avi Eisenman
ch.10 - Avi Eisenman
ch.11 - Avi Eisenman

ch.1 - Robert Barnett
ch.2 - Robert Barnett
ch.3 - Robert Barnett
ch.4 - Robert Barnett
ch.5 - Robert Barnett
ch.6 - Robert Barnett
ch.7 - Robert Barnett
ch.8 - Robert Barnett
ch.9 - Robert Barnett

ch.1 - Jeff Ganeles, Aaron Parnes
ch.2 - Jeff Ganeles, Aaron Parnes
ch.3 - Gary Fuchs, Aaron Parnes
ch.4 - Gary Fuchs, Aaron Parnes
ch.5 - Gary Fuchs, Aaron Parnes
ch.6 - Gary Fuchs, Aaron Parnes
ch.7 - Mike Eisman, Aaron Parnes
ch.8 - Chesky Gewirtz, Aaron Parnes
ch.9 - Chesky Gewirtz, Aaron Parnes

ch.1 - Abie Daphna
ch.2 - Michael Mandelstam
ch.3 - Michael Mandelstam
ch.4 - Yossi Wargon
ch.5 - Yossi Wargon
ch.6 - Jeremie Lederer
ch.7 - Motti Friedman
ch.8 - Motti Friedman
ch.9 - Keith Moskowitz

ch.1 - Neil Torczyner, David Lewin, Mordechai Stern
ch.2 - Neil Torczyner, David Lewin, Mordechai Stern
ch.3 - J & E Thurm, David Lewin
ch.4 - J & Y Thurm, David Lewin

Seder Nezikim (disabled)

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

Seder Taharos (disabled)

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4Gary FuchsSotah chapters 3-6
2Harvey ThurmYevamos chapters 1-2
2Jason MisherNedarim chapters 1-2
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1J & E ThurmKiddushin chapter 3
1J & Y ThurmKiddushin chapter 4
1Jeremie LedererGittin chapter 6
2Jonah CohenNedarim chapters 6-7
7Josh SilberYevamos chapters 6-12
1Keith MoskowitzGittin chapter 9
2Michael mandelstamGittin chapters 2-3
2Yossi WargonGittin chapters 4-5
1Mike EismanSotah chapter 7
2Mordechai SternKiddushin chapters 1-2
2Motti FriedmanGittin chapters 7-8
2Neil TorczynerKiddushin chapters 1-2
18Reuven GlassKesuvos chapters 3-13; Yevamos chapters 3-5, 13-16
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