5th Yartzheit

Learn for Gittel Bas Tzvi (Bobby)
5th Yartzheit


Yossi and Devora Spira-Yerushalayim

A dedication to Bobby a''h. On Wednesday morning, chai כסלו, her majesty ascended to her heavenly throne next to Zeidy zt''l. The following afternoon, her loved ones tearfully escorted her to her 'temporary' resting place, next to Zeidy, the man she so adored and missed these 'koach' (28) years, who gave her the 'koach' to keep living on.

These difficult moments give us reason to pause and reflect how our dear Bobby earned our love, respect, and admiration. Was it her love? Her ideals? Her ironclad emunah peshutah? Perhaps we can reveal the secret of her life hidden within the very day she passed on to the better world - chai כסלו.

She was always alive – chai! No matter what, she davened and said her tehillim… even if nobody knew, hidden, like a "כיס," a pocket. She was a "ו''ל" tzadekes. Her sole desire in life was to see her family keeping Torah and mitzvos with delight. And when Bobby's joy was too great to be contained, her huge "לב" would overflow with a hug and a "kiss."

"Gittel"- she personified her name, by being an embodiment of goodness. Bobby brought an abundance of goodness into the world, by helping to rebuild a destroyed world. "Gittel bas Chaya," the 'goodness' who brought everything to 'life.'

I remember driving Bobby to Monsey on the Palisades Parkway one winter day. I told her, "Bobby, I feel so bad. I should have driven you during the fall, when you would have seen the beautiful foliage. Now it is the winter; all the leaves are dead…just a bunch of lifeless trees." Bobby's sharp reply penetrated my heart. I will never forget it. She told me "Yossele, but look at the grass. It's so green."

"Gittel bas Chaya," the 'goodness' who brought everything to 'life.'

Now, with her sad passing, Gittel bas Tzvi. Bobby's mission definitely did not stop. She is surely continuing to bring life up there to the floating neshamos who don't have a resting place. She continues to hold up this world, by being a melitza yeshara, constantly davening and saying tehillim for us and for all of Hashem's children. Davening to bring Moshiach very soon, which was to her a reality every day of her life.

"Eishes Chayil Mi Yimtza…Vatischak L'yom Acharon" Bobby always looked for the beauty in every day.

And now we say goodbye to you, dear Bobby. We love you. We always have and we always will. Your throne awaits you. We will all try to emulate you and your glorious life… how you faced the toughest challenges, never giving up. We will carry with us the memories and we will cherish them forever. And though you are no longer physically with us, you will continue to live on within each and every one of your loving family. Your legacy willendure through your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, ad sof kol hadoros. Through your strength, smile and warmth, through your courage, through your love, we will all carry you with us in our hearts forever.

Long live the queen.

Your Beloved Family
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