Learn for Sholmo Zev Ben Avrohom Yitzchok (Peter Weiss )
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

We will IYH making a siyum on Seder Moed, Today Monday April 13. Please Learn a Perek or two for a zuhus for Mr. Weiss a dear friend of Chasdei Lev

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ch.1 - Elly Adlin, Yitzi Weis
ch.2 - Elly Adlin, Yitzi Weis
ch.3 - Elly Adlin, Yitzi Weis
ch.4 - Elly Adlin, Yitzi Weis
ch.5 - Shlomo Zalman Schron, Yitzi Weis
ch.6 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.7 - Yitzi Weis
ch.8 - Yitzi Weis
ch.9 - Yitzi Weis
ch.10 - Sholom Lasker, Yitzi Weis
ch.11 - Sholom Lasker, Yitzi Weis
ch.12 - Sholom Lasker, Yitzi Weis
ch.13 - Avraham Chaim Perlman, Yitzi Weis
ch.14 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.15 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.16 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.17 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.18 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.19 - Yitzi Weis, Donny Sofer
ch.20 - Yehuda Weis, Yitzi Weis
ch.21 - Yitzi Weis, Yehuda Weis
ch.22 - Yitzi Weis, Yehuda Weis
ch.23 - Yitzi Weis
ch.24 - Yitzi Weis

ch.1 - Avrumi Green, Asher Feigenbaum
ch.2 - Avrumi Green, Asher Feigenbaum
ch.3 - Moshe Strimber, Asher Feigenbaum
ch.4 - Moshe Strimber, Asher Feigenbaum
ch.5 - Miller Family, Shlomo Brachfeld
ch.6 - Miller Family, Shlomo Brachfeld
ch.7 - Miller Family, Shlomo Brachfeld
ch.8 - Miller Family, Shlomo Brachfeld
ch.9 - Eli Abbott
ch.10 - Eli Abbott

ch.1 - Sholom Becher, Ezzy Katz
ch.2 - Sholom Becher, Ezzy Katz
ch.3 - Sholom Becher, Ezzy Katz
ch.4 - Sholom Becher, Ezzy Katz
ch.5 - Sholom Becher
ch.6 - Mendy Josefovic
ch.7 - Mendy Josefovic
ch.8 - Mendy Josefovic
ch.9 - Yechiel Eisenstadt
ch.10 - Yechiel Eisenstadt

ch.1 - Avi Auerbach, Mordechai Weiss
ch.2 - Avi Auerbach
ch.3 - Avi Auerbach
ch.4 - Avi Auerbach
ch.5 - Mordechai Weiss, Yitzchok Tessler
ch.6 - Mordechai Weiss, Yitzchok Tessler
ch.7 - Mordechai Weiss
ch.8 - Mordechai Weiss

ch.1 - Yechezkel Glock, Moshe Finkelstein
ch.2 - Yechezkel Glock, Moshe Finkelstein
ch.3 - Yechezkel Glock, Moshe Finkelstein
ch.4 - Yechezkel Glock
ch.5 - Yechezkel Glock
ch.6 - Yechezkel Glock
ch.7 - Yechezkel Glock
ch.8 - Yechezkel Glock

ch.1 - Naftali Miller, Shalom Miller
ch.2 - Naftali Miller, Shalom Miller
ch.3 - Naftali Miller, Shalom Miller
ch.4 - Naftali Miller, Shalom Miller
ch.5 - Naftali Miller, Shalom Miller

ch.1 - Aaron Rosenfeld
ch.2 - Aaron Rosenfeld
ch.3 - Shia Friedman
ch.4 - Shia Friedman
ch.5 - Shia Friedman
Rosh Hashanah

ch.1 - Nechemia Salzman
ch.2 - Nechemia Salzman
ch.3 - Nechemia Salzman
ch.4 - Nechemia Salzman

ch.1 - Sruli Zyskind, Hillel Hirsch, Moshe Muller
ch.2 - Sruli Zyskind, Hillel Hirsch, Moshe Muller
ch.3 - Sruli Zyskind, Hillel Hirsch, Moshe Muller
ch.4 - Sruli Zyskind, Hillel Hirsch, Moshe Muller

ch.1 - Elchanan Hamada, Dovid Lehrer
ch.2 - Avrumi Liebermann, Dovid Lehrer
ch.3 - Avrumi Liebermann, Dovid Lehrer
ch.4 - Avrumi Liebermann, Dovid Lehrer
Moed Katan

ch.1 - Dovid Sussman, Shimi Schlisselfeld
ch.2 - Dovid Sussman, Shimi Schlisselfeld
ch.3 - Dovid Sussman, Shimi Schlisselfeld

ch.1 - Eliezer Isaac, Yosef Gamss
ch.2 - Eliezer Isaac, Yosef Gamss
ch.3 - Yosef Gamss

Seder Nashim (disabled)

Seder Nezikim (disabled)

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

Seder Taharos (disabled)

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