Learn for Nissan Reuven Ben Shammai (Norman Friedman )
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

To be completed by Aleph Nissan, March 26th.

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ch.1 - Tzvi Shear
ch.2 - Tzvi Shear
ch.3 - Tzvi Shear
ch.4 - Michael N Edinger
ch.5 - Michael N Edinger
Maaser Sheini disabledChallah disabled
Orlah disabledBikkurim disabled 

Seder Moed (disabled)

Seder Nashim (disabled)

Seder Nezikim (disabled)



ch.1 - Bernie Kozlovsky
ch.2 - Tzvi Shear
ch.3 - Tzvi Shear
ch.4 - Tzvi Shear
ch.5 - Tzvi Shear
ch.6 - Tzvi Shear
ch.7 - Tzvi Shear
ch.8 - Tzvi Shear
ch.9 - Tzvi Shear
ch.10 - Tzvi Shear
ch.11 - Tzvi Shear
ch.12 - Tzvi Shear
ch.13 - Tzvi Shear
ch.14 - Tzvi Shear
Menahos disabledHullin disabled
Bechoros disabledArakhin disabledTemurah

ch.1 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.2 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.3 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.4 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.5 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.6 - Avrohom Wolowik
ch.7 - Avrohom Wolowik
Kerisos disabledMeilah disabledTamid disabled
Middos disabledKinnim

ch.1 - Carl Barsky
ch.2 - Carl Barsky
ch.3 - Carl Barsky


all unchecked
ch.1 - Jared Hershenson
ch.2 - Jared Hershenson
ch.3 - Jared Hershenson
ch.4 - Jared Hershenson
ch.5 - Tzvi Shear
ch.6 - Tzvi Shear
ch.7 - Tzvi Shear
ch.8 - Tzvi Shear
ch.9 - Tzvi Shear
ch.10 - Tzvi Shear
ch.11 - Tzvi Shear
ch.12 - Tzvi Shear
ch.13 - Tzvi Shear
ch.14 - Tzvi Shear
ch.15 - Tzvi Shear
ch.16 - Tzvi Shear
ch.17 (17)
ch.18 (9)
ch.19 (10)
ch.20 (7)
ch.21 (3)
ch.22 (9)
ch.23 (6)
ch.24 (17)
ch.25 (8)
ch.26 (9)
ch.27 (13)
ch.28 (10)
ch.29 (8)
ch.30 (4)

ch.1 - Reuven Dressler
ch.2 - Reuven Dressler
ch.3 - Reuven Dressler
ch.4 - Reuven Dressler
ch.5 - Reuven Dressler
ch.6 - Reuven Dressler
ch.7 - Reuven Dressler
ch.8 - Reuven Dressler
ch.9 - Reuven Dressler
ch.10 - Reuven Dressler
ch.11 - Reuven Dressler
ch.12 - Reuven Dressler
ch.13 - Reuven Dressler
ch.14 - Reuven Dressler
ch.15 - Reuven Dressler
ch.16 - Reuven Dressler
ch.17 - Reuven Dressler
ch.18 - Reuven Dressler

ch.1 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.2 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.3 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.4 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.5 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.6 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.7 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.8 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.9 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.10 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.11 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.12 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.13 - Alon Asefovitz
ch.14 - Alon Asefovitz

ch.1 - Yossie Stal
ch.2 - Yossie Stal
ch.3 - Yossie Stal
ch.4 - Yossie Stal
ch.5 - Yossie Stal
ch.6 - Yossie Stal
ch.7 - Yossie Stal
ch.8 - Yossie Stal
ch.9 - Yossie Stal
ch.10 - Yossie Stal
ch.11 - Yossie Stal
ch.12 - Yossie Stal
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