Learn for יוסף (בן לריסה ויעקב)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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12Deborah GubinBereishis chapters 5-8; Vayikra chapters 1-4; Bamidbar chapters 1-4
3Eliezer PoupkoDevarim chapters 11-13
32Ethan GubinBamidbar chapters 5-36
2Leah UllmanBereishis chapters 1, 9
3Rabbi ZakonBereishis chapters 2-4
4Sami GubinVayikra chapters 21-24
1Shifra StitzerShmos chapter 1
4Stitzer FamilyShmos chapters 2-5
7Tali GubinShmos chapters 6-10; Bamidbar chapters 16-17
6Yakov Y. BohenskyVayikra chapters 26-27; Devarim chapters 26-29
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