Annual Siyum Mishnayos

Community Synagogue of Monsey annual Siyum Mishnayos commemorating the yarzeits of Rav Moshe Dovid Tendler ZT"L and Rebbetzin Sifra Tendler Z"L..

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 1 Heshvan 5785 (Saturday, November 02, 2024) sundown.

Mishna Siyum is 77.7% Assigned
(49/63 Tractates)

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√Berachos (9) √Peah (8) √Demai (7)
√Kilaim (9) √Sheviis (10) √Terumos (11)
√Maasros (5) √Maaser Sheini (5) √Challah (4)
√Orlah (3) √Bikkurim (4)  


√Shabbos (24) Eruvin (10) √Pesachim (10)
Shekalim (8) √Yoma (8) Sukkah (5)
Beitzah (5) Rosh Hashanah (4) Taanis (4)
√Megillah (4) √Moed Katan (3) √Chagigah (3)


√Yevamos (16) √Kesuvos (13) Nedarim (11)
√Nazir (9) √Sotah (9) Gittin (9)
√Kiddushin (4)   


√Bava Kamma (10) √Bava Metzia (10) Bava Basra (10)
Sanhedrin (11) √Makkos (3) Shevuos (8)
Edyos (8) √Avodah Zarah (5) Avot (6)
Horayos (3)   


√Zevahim (14) √Menahos (13) √Hullin (12)
√Bechoros (9) √Arakhin (9) √Temurah (7)
√Kerisos (6) √Meilah (6) √Tamid (7)
√Middos (5) √Kinnim (3)  


√Keilim (30) √Ohalos (18) √Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) √Taharos (10) √Mikvaos (10)
√Niddah (10) √Machshirin (6) √Zavim (5)
√Tevul Yom (4) √Yadayim (4) √Uktzin (3)

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Current Signups

13Aron B TendlerBerachos, Terumos, Challah, Bikkurim, Ohalos, Zevahim, Menahos, Bechoros, Temurah, Meilah, Tamid, Middos, Kinnim
1Aron MorgulisShabbos
1Heshy NagelMakkos
1Hillel TendlerKerisos
2Jacob KaminetzkyBava Metzia, Bava Kamma
13Joey MayerhoffNegaim, Parah, Mikvaos, Niddah, Machshirin, Zavim, Tevul Yom, Yadayim, Uktzin, Peah, Demai, Kilaim, Sheviis
2Steven MarburgerMoed Katan, Chagigah
1Marty GewirtzMaaser Sheini
1Dr. Marty GewirtzMaasros
1Mel HechingMegillah
2Bernie SchwarzYevamos, Kesuvos
1A. KirschSotah
2Morty MinchenbergKiddushin, Zevahim
12Yacov TendlerBava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Hullin, Arakhin, Keilim, Taharos, Maaser Sheini, Orlah, Pesachim, Moed Katan, Yevamos, Nazir
2Yosef FriedYoma, Avodah Zarah
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