Dear Family and Friends,

Today marks the Shloshim for our late Mother, because of Pesach there was no Shloshim. We would like to invite you to learn Mishnayos as an iluy neshoma for our beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother

Merle Rosin Tooch

פרידה מלכה בת בנימין בינוש ע"ה

And would like to make a Siyum on the completion.

Please choose a meshecta to learn in her memory and sign up using the form below.

May her Neshoma have an Aliyah.

Thank you very much

Janine Chapman

Beverley Stevens

Lindsey Rosin

Melanie Mayers

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 3 Adar II 5782 (Sunday, March 06, 2022) sundown.

Mishna Siyum is 44.4% Assigned
(28/63 Tractates)

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√Berachos (9) √Peah (8) Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) Sheviis (10) Terumos (11)
Maasros (5) Maaser Sheini (5) √Challah (4)
√Orlah (3) Bikkurim (4)  


√Shabbos (24) Eruvin (10) Pesachim (10)
√Shekalim (8) √Yoma (8) √Sukkah (5)
√Beitzah (5) √Rosh Hashanah (4) √Taanis (4)
√Megillah (4) √Moed Katan (3) √Chagigah (3)


Yevamos (16) √Kesuvos (13) Nedarim (11)
Nazir (9) √Sotah (9) Gittin (9)
√Kiddushin (4)   


√Bava Kamma (10) Bava Metzia (10) √Bava Basra (10)
√Sanhedrin (11) √Makkos (3) Shevuos (8)
Edyos (8) √Avodah Zarah (5) √Avot (6)
√Horayos (3)   


Zevahim (14) Menahos (13) Hullin (12)
Bechoros (9) √Arakhin (9) Temurah (7)
Kerisos (6) √Meilah (6) Tamid (7)
Middos (5) Kinnim (3)  


Keilim (30) Ohalos (18) √Negaim (14)
√Parah (12) Taharos (10) Mikvaos (10)
Niddah (10) Machshirin (6) Zavim (5)
Tevul Yom (4) Yadayim (4) Uktzin (3)

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