Annual Chalukat Hashas - 5784-5785

PARTICIPATE IN ANNUAL TALMUD SIYUM BY TAKING ON ONE GEMARA TRACTATE. It is an annual custom handed down from the holy Rebbe Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Alter Rebbe) to complete the entire Talmud in 1 year by dividing individual tractates between various people so that we can together complete the full Talmud for the glory of Torah learning and the merit of the infinite blessings that come from completing this endeavor with other people.

Please take on 1 tractate to learn in 1 year to complete by the 19th of Kislev of next year (December 20, 2024) bsd". If your heart moves you to take on more than 1 tractate all the better.

Hatzlacha rabba and chazak to everyone who participates.

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 19 Kislev 5785 (Friday, December 20, 2024) sundown.

Talmud Bavli Siyum is 18.9% Assigned
(7/37 Tractates)

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Berachos (63 dafim)


Shabbos (156 dafim) Eruvin (104 dafim) Pesachim (120 dafim)
Shekalim (21 dafim) √Yoma (87 dafim) Sukkah (55 dafim)
Beitzah (39 dafim) Rosh Hashanah (34 dafim) Taanis (30 dafim)
√Megillah (31 dafim) Moed Katan (28 dafim) Chagigah (26 dafim)


Yevamos (121 dafim) Kesuvos (111 dafim) Nedarim (90 dafim)
Nazir (65 dafim) Sotah (48 dafim) Gittin (89 dafim)
Kiddushin (81 dafim)   


√Bava Kamma (118 dafim) √Bava Metzia (118 dafim) √Bava Basra (175 dafim)
√Sanhedrin (112 dafim) Makkos (23 dafim) Shevuos (48 dafim)
√Avodah Zarah (75 dafim) Horayos (13 dafim)  


Zevahim (119 dafim) Menahos (109 dafim) Hullin (141 dafim)
Bechoros (60 dafim) Arakhin (33 dafim) Temurah (33 dafim)
Kerisos (27 dafim) Meilah+ (36 dafim)  


Niddah (72 dafim)

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4Ariel PeretsMegillah, Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Bava Basra
2Avichail AbramsYoma, Sanhedrin
1Shep ZebbermanAvodah Zarah
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