Learn for דבורה רות בת חיים ישראל (Bobby Stefansky)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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√Berachos (63 dafim)


√Shabbos (156 dafim) Eruvin (104 dafim) √Pesachim (120 dafim)
√Shekalim (21 dafim) √Yoma (87 dafim) √Sukkah (55 dafim)
√Beitzah (39 dafim) √Rosh Hashanah (34 dafim) √Taanis (30 dafim)
√Megillah (31 dafim) √Moed Katan (28 dafim) √Chagigah (26 dafim)


√Yevamos (121 dafim) √Kesuvos (111 dafim) √Nedarim (90 dafim)
√Nazir (65 dafim) √Sotah (48 dafim) √Gittin (89 dafim)
√Kiddushin (81 dafim)   


√Bava Kamma (118 dafim) √Bava Metzia (118 dafim) √Bava Basra (175 dafim)
√Sanhedrin (112 dafim) √Makkos (23 dafim) √Shevuos (48 dafim)
√Avodah Zarah (75 dafim) √Horayos (13 dafim)  


Zevahim (119 dafim) √Menahos (109 dafim) Hullin (141 dafim)
√Bechoros (60 dafim) √Arakhin (33 dafim) √Temurah (33 dafim)
√Kerisos (27 dafim) Meilah+ (36 dafim)  


√Niddah (72 dafim)

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1Aharon StefanskyAvodah Zarah
1Aryeh Leib GreenspanShevuos
1Shmuel StefanskyNedarim
2Moshe stefanskyShabbos, Chagigah
1Yehuda Leib Stefansky (Yaakov)Gittin
2Avroham Moshe StefanskyShekalim, Yoma
2Yaakov Stefansky (Bentzy)Bava Kamma, Taanis
1Moshe AdlerSukkah
1Dovid StefanskyBava Basra
1Shua StefanskyBeitzah
1Yaakov StefanskySanhedrin
1Chaim FeldmanRosh Hashanah
1Schneur StefanskyMegillah
1Chaim GoldYevamos
1Chaim Yisroel OelbaumTemurah
1Dovid KaufmanYoma
1Eli OelbaumMoed Katan
1Mordechai stefanskyKesuvos
2Moshe GoldsteinKiddushin, Makkos
1Motty GoldsteinBava Kamma
1Pinter DoviSotah
1Reuven MandelbaumKerisos
1Rivi StefanskyNazir
1Shia LiebermanPesachim
1Shimmy GoldsteinHorayos
1Yehuda KaufmanNiddah
1Yehuda Zev HungerArakhin
1Yisroel KaufmanBava Metzia
2Yudi WeissmanBechoros, Menahos
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