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Current Signups

1Ami BirnbaumBava Kamma daf 101
1ARI GELBERMANBava Kamma daf 118
1Aryeh KornfeldBava Kamma daf 85
1AVI DEUTSCHBava Kamma daf 12
1Bentzion AzoseBava Kamma daf 8
1benzie friedmanBava Kamma daf 11
1Daniel AltshulerBava Kamma daf 55
1Daniel BalkinBava Kamma daf 18
1Daniel SuttnerBava Kamma daf 30
1Danni NoskowBava Kamma daf 26
1David havivoBava Kamma daf 60
1DoniBava Kamma daf 19
1Dovid ReiterBava Kamma daf 56
1Ezra KashiBava Kamma daf 32
1Ezra OksembergBava Kamma daf 4
1Isaac MelohnBava Kamma daf 43
1Jone SkapinoBava Kamma daf 61
1Josh FinegoldBava Kamma daf 58
1Lee PillemerBava Kamma daf 93
1Meir KrauszBava Kamma daf 36
1Michael CohenBava Kamma daf 117
1Michael IhilchikBava Kamma daf 14
2Michael KullockBava Kamma dafim 6-7
1Michoel GabaiBava Kamma daf 10
1Mordechai BerkowitzBava Kamma daf 20
1Mordechai NewmanBava Kamma daf 66
1Moshe frishmanBava Kamma daf 59
1Moshe Guttman Netanel metzkerBava Kamma daf 116
1Moshe KanofskyBava Kamma daf 39
1Moshe KlassBava Kamma daf 63
1Moshe KosoyBava Kamma daf 79
2Moshe MagierBava Kamma dafim 5, 83
1Naftali GerstmanBava Kamma daf 37
1Noah HanoverBava Kamma daf 9
1pinny levineBava Kamma daf 57
1Raphi FrankelBava Kamma daf 24
1Shua SinenskyBava Kamma daf 28
2Solomon SchachterBava Kamma dafim 2-3
1sruly frenkelBava Kamma daf 35
1Tzvi GreenbergBava Kamma daf 105
1Yaakov YairBava Kamma daf 21
1JedBava Kamma daf 46
1Yehoshua KalishBava Kamma daf 110
2Yisroel RosenbergBava Kamma dafim 17, 119
2Yisroel weinbergBava Kamma dafim 8, 13
1Yoel MlynashBava Kamma daf 29
1Yoni Ben-ZviBava Kamma daf 31
1Yoni goldBava Kamma daf 22
1Zevi WeisbergBava Kamma daf 27
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