Learn for Rabbanite Madeleine Mazal Tov Bat Mo'ha Simkha A'h (Rabbanite Madeleine Mazal Tov Pinto a'h)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Chalom! Chalom! b'h

Here a Siyum for the Lilouy Nichmat of the wife of Rabbi Moshe Aharon Pinto zatsal, son of Rabbi Chaim Pinto Hakatan zatsal, and grandson of Rabbi Chaim Pinto Hagadol Zatsal.

Ima of Rabbi David Chanania Pinto Chlit'a

Pray for her and by the zechus of the Holy Tzadikim of the Pinto's family, you will be blessed b"h


Berakha veShemiras !

Kol touv Selah!

אַל תְּבוֹאֵנִי רֶגֶל גַּאֲוָה וְיַד רְשָׁעִים אַל תְּנִדֵנִי. (Tehilim 36:12)

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