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persons hebrew name ben (son of)or bat (daughter of) their mothers hebrew name.

We are currently saying tehillim for:

Devorah bas Shaynah Chanah

Chana leba bat sheindel rivka

Shulamis bas saraleah

Eliezer Yehuda ben Chaya

Aharon ben Florence

Shimon ben Raizel

Noam Zusha Ben Elisheva

Meyer Lusa ben Raquel

Aaron ben Devorah Leah

Yehuda Chaim Ben Esther

Yehuda Baruch ben Sarah Rivka

Yehoshua Avraham Yosef ben Sara Rivka

Kalman ben Rachel

Chana Zelda bat Matel Raizel

Chaim Dovid ben Chana Zelda

Binyamin Simcha ben Adina Minya

David Shepsel Ben Mindel

Bracha Shulamit bat Raizel

Yisrael ben Taibe

Asnat Riwella bat Freida

Eliezer ben Rela

Yisrael ben Menachem Mendel

Hersh Zvi ben Hadassah

Avraham Yaakov ben Sarah Feige

Chana Zahava bat Penina

מנשה דוב בן רשה ריבה

yisachar ben esther malka

Shmuel halevi ben chava

Tinok Ben Dvorah Malka

אהרון שאול בן רחל

יעקב בן רחל

אליעזר בן חיה

Raizel Bas Sara

Aidel Hendel bas Pessel

Yaakov Meir yerachmiel ben Chaya

Bina bas Chana

Chaya Devorah bas Sara

Daniel Yosef Ben pesha

Devora bat Sara

Dovid ben Gittel

Eliezer Yehuda ben Chaya

Elimelech Shmuel ben Fruma

Esther Roza bas Sarah Mindel

Esther rayzel bas Chaya malka

Gavriel Ben Liza Leah

Gimpel Mordechai Daniel ben Sora Ita

HaRav Aaron Tietlebaum (dont have full name)

Harav Pinchas Eliezer ben Leah

HaRav shalom Ben taama

HaRav Yehuda Leib ben Menucha Rochel

Ita bas shifra

Kreeina Raizel bat Fruma Henya

Menachem Mendel Ben Sara

Miriam chai esther bas sorah

Miriam bas chaya sora

Moshe Eliezer ben Esther Tziporah

Nechama Chaya bas Malka

Pesach Yehoshua ben Tova Chaya

Rafael Yitzchak ben Chana Esther

Rav Shmuel Yeshaya Keller (dont have full name)

Shimon Yitzhak ben HaIsha Malka

Shlomo Yisrael ben Reizel

Shlomo Zalman Ben Miriam

Sorah Pesha bat Kreeina Raizel

Yaakov Yehuda ben Chana

Yehuda Daniel Ben aidel

Yisrael Ben Miriam

Yonatan leib ben perel aviva

Yosef Hershel ben Avraham

Yosef Tzvi ben Ita

Yosef halevi ben chava

יוסף שניאור זלמן בן דבורה נעכר

לוי יצחק בן דבורה

חיים לוי בן חנה פריווא

Batsheva Bas Gittel

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Please read DAILY until 23 Nisan 5780 (Friday, April 17, 2020) (30 days total)

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ch.100 (5) ch.101 (8) ch.102 (29)
ch.103 (22) ch.104 (35) ch.105 (45)
ch.106 (48) ch.107 (43) ch.108 (14)
ch.109 (31) ch.110 (7) ch.111 (10)
ch.112 (10) ch.113 (9) ch.114 (8)
ch.115 (18) ch.116 (19) ch.117 (2)
ch.118 (29) ch.119 (176) ch.120 (7)
ch.121 (8) ch.122 (9) ch.123 (4)
ch.124 (8) ch.125 (5) ch.126 (6)
ch.127 (5) ch.128 (6) ch.129 (8)
ch.130 (8) ch.131 (3) ch.132 (18)
ch.133 (3) ch.134 (3) ch.135 (21)
ch.136 (26) ch.137 (9) ch.138 (8)
ch.139 (24) ch.140 (14) ch.141 (10)
ch.142 (8) ch.143 (12) ch.144 (15)
ch.145 (21) ch.146 (10) ch.147 (20)
ch.148 (14) ch.149 (9) ch.150 (6)

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