Learn for Chana Bina Bat Yitzchak V'Reiza (Adrienne Rockwood)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Adrienne Gewirtzman Rockwood, 87 of Albany, passed away on Monday, February 17, 2020. Born in Amsterdam, N.Y., Adrienne was the daughter of the late Irving and Rose (Valberg) Gewirtzman. She married her childhood sweetheart, Bill, in 1953. With their mothers' "encouragement" they began a friendship at the ages of five and six. Their teenage years were filled with dances, dates, proms and gatherings with their tightknit group of friends. Together they raised five children and were the proud grandparents and great-grandparents of 16 and 17 children, respectively. She was in the third graduating class of Brandeis University in 1954, and after raising their children and the youngest was off to kindergarten, she returned to school to receive her advanced master's degree in counseling from the University at Albany. Her career was varied and accomplished, including: director of Akiva Nursery School (Beth Abraham Jacob), director of Temple Israel Nursery School, coordinator of Mommy and Me program at Temple Israel, administrator at Israel Bonds, vice president at Children and Family Services, career counselor, co-founder of Senior Hope with Bill - and was a mentor to countless professionals (and young parents!) throughout the Capital Region. Survivors include her husband of 66 years, Dr. William "Bill" Rockwood; her children: Marta Koblenz (Mark) of Albany, Gary Rockwood (Mindy) of Baltimore, Md., Stephanie (Drew) Kugler of Albany, Hope (Matthew) Rosenbaum of Rochester, and Heather Rockwood (Ken) of Rexford. Adrienne also leaves 16 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Beyond all of her professional accomplishments, Adrienne was a loving, caring and thoughtful woman - touching all who knew her. If you needed advice or help, she was always available at a moment's notice; and family was simply everything to her. She mothered the way she lived - full of life, energy, smiles and love. Her children learned how to parent from her and Bill's example, and she was never more proud than when watching her children raise their own families. Her legacy will surely live on for generations and generations to come.

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