Learn for Nissim Ben Yitzchak (Nissim Alyeshmerni)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Thank you for signing up for Tehillim for Nissim ben Yitzchak's yartzeit this Thursday, Vav Adar, Feb 18th iyH. His neshoma should have an Aliya

To join this siyum of Tehilim, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 6 Adar 5781 (Thursday, February 18, 2021) sundown.

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Tehilim divided into 30 parts. (as in day of month)

√ch.1-9 (part 1) √ch.10-17 (part 2) √ch.18-22 (part 3)
√ch.23-28 (part 4) √ch.29-34 (part 5) √ch.35-38 (part 6)
√ch.39-43 (part 7) √ch.44-48 (part 8) √ch.49-54 (part 9)
√ch.55-59 (part 10) √ch.60-65 (part 11) √ch.66-68 (part 12)
√ch.69-71 (part 13) √ch.72-76 (part 14) √ch.77-78 (part 15)
√ch.79-82 (part 16) √ch.83-87 (part 17) √ch.88-89 (part 18)
√ch.90-96 (part 19) √ch.97-103 (part 20) √ch.104-105 (part 21)
√ch.106-107 (part 22) √ch.108-112 (part 23) √ch.113-118 (part 24)
√ch.119 (part 25) √ch.119 (part 26) √ch.120-134 (part 27)
√ch.135-139 (part 28) √ch.140-144 (part 29) √ch.145-150 (part 30)

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2Deena Firemanparts 9, 27
3Mehri Alyeshparts 6-8
3elana schwartzparts 1-3
4Elana Schwartzparts 14, 17, 28-29
1Ahuva Schwartzpart 30
3Kathy Dardashtyparts 13, 16, 19
5Leah Alyeshparts 22-26
2Yaffa dardashtyparts 4-5
2Mosheparts 15, 18
3Moshe Alyeshparts 10-12
2Eliyahu Dardashtyparts 20-21
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