Learn for Harav Yehuda Ben Dov Ber Zt"l (Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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ch.7 (18) ch.8 (10) ch.9 (21)
ch.10 (18) ch.11 (7) ch.12 (9)
ch.13 (6) ch.14 (7) ch.15 (5)
ch.16 (11) ch.17 (15) ch.18 (51)
ch.19 (15) ch.20 (10) ch.21 (14)
ch.22 (32) ch.23 (6) ch.24 (10)
ch.25 (22) ch.26 (12) ch.27 (14)
ch.28 (9) ch.29 (11) ch.30 (13)
ch.31 (25) ch.32 (11) ch.33 (22)
ch.34 (23) ch.35 (28) ch.36 (13)
ch.37 (40) ch.38 (23) ch.39 (14)
ch.40 (18) ch.41 (14) ch.42 (12)
ch.43 (5) ch.44 (27) ch.45 (18)
ch.46 (12) ch.47 (10) ch.48 (15)
ch.49 (21) ch.50 (23) ch.51 (21)
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ch.55 (24) ch.56 (14) ch.57 (12)
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ch.61 (9) ch.62 (13) ch.63 (12)
ch.64 (11) ch.65 (14) ch.66 (20)
ch.67 (8) ch.68 (36) ch.69 (37)
ch.70 (6) ch.71 (24) ch.72 (20)
ch.73 (28) ch.74 (23) ch.75 (11)
ch.76 (13) ch.77 (21) ch.78 (72)
ch.79 (13) ch.80 (20) ch.81 (17)
ch.82 (8) ch.83 (19) ch.84 (13)
ch.85 (14) ch.86 (17) ch.87 (7)
ch.88 (19) ch.89 (53) ch.90 (17)
ch.91 (16) ch.92 (16) ch.93 (5)
ch.94 (23) ch.95 (11) ch.96 (13)
ch.97 (12) ch.98 (9) ch.99 (9)
ch.100 (5) ch.101 (8) ch.102 (29)
ch.103 (22) ch.104 (35) ch.105 (45)
ch.106 (48) ch.107 (43) ch.108 (14)
ch.109 (31) ch.110 (7) ch.111 (10)
ch.112 (10) ch.113 (9) ch.114 (8)
ch.115 (18) ch.116 (19) ch.117 (2)
ch.118 (29) ch.119 (176) ch.120 (7)
ch.121 (8) ch.122 (9) ch.123 (4)
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ch.133 (3) ch.134 (3) ch.135 (21)
ch.136 (26) ch.137 (9) ch.138 (8)
ch.139 (24) ch.140 (14) ch.141 (10)
ch.142 (8) ch.143 (12) ch.144 (15)
ch.145 (21) ch.146 (10) ch.147 (20)
ch.148 (14) ch.149 (9) ch.150 (6)

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I especially liked learning tehillim #24 because I felt it really spoke to who Rabbi Kelemer zt"l was. May his neshama have an aliyah. He is sorely missed.
Elana Bedziner, 6 months ago

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