Learn for מרת פיגא רחל בת ר' חיים חייקל ע"ה (Mrs. Faige Rochel Zlotowitz a"h)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

The first yarzheit (based on the kevurah) is Thursday night, December 7th, the first night of Chanukah. The learning should be completed by Thursday morning, Erev Chanukah.

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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 23 Kislev 5784 (Wednesday, December 06, 2023) sundown.

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Current Signups

168Yitzy NebenzahlKesuvos dafim 54, 57-64, 78-89; Nedarim dafim 4-59, 66-91; Nazir dafim 2-66
13Aaron DickerKesuvos dafim 41-53
19Ahron PerlowitzSotah dafim 23-41
10Aaron Zlotowitz (ben Ira)Nedarim dafim 60-65; Gittin dafim 63-66
8Ahron MorgensternSotah dafim 42-49
25Ahron ZlotowitzKiddushin dafim 58-82
9Asher DickerGittin dafim 82-90
9avraham n rosnerKiddushin dafim 2-10
9Avraham Yitz KarmelYevamos dafim 17-25
27Tzvi ZlotowitzKesuvos dafim 2-28
22Chaim ZlotowitzGittin dafim 2-23
1Chaim MorgensternGittin daf 62
7Chaim Zlotowitz jrKesuvos dafim 55-56; Nedarim dafim 2-3; Gittin dafim 32-34
10Dovid KaufmanGittin dafim 67-76
9Duvie MorgensternKesuvos dafim 104-112
108Moshe PerlowitzYevamos dafim 26-122; Kesuvos dafim 90-100
30Efraim PerlowitzKiddushin dafim 11-40
5Eli ZlotowitzKesuvos dafim 65-69
21mayer dovid shafranSotah dafim 2-22
21MD ShafranSotah dafim 2-22
10Mendy palaceKiddushin dafim 48-57
12mickey leinerKesuvos dafim 29-40
22Mutty FrankelGittin dafim 24-31, 48-61
3NZ ZlotowitzKesuvos dafim 101-103
23Yehoshua DickerYevamos dafim 2-16; Kesuvos dafim 70-77
5Chaim MunkGittin dafim 77-81
7Yehuda MunkKiddushin dafim 41-47
13Yona GoldbergGittin dafim 35-47
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