Lilui Nishmas Mr Michael (מרדכי גדליה) Freedman Z"L

The סיום will be on the completion of

גמרא מסכת ברכות and is לעילוי נשמת

ר׳ מרדכי גדליה בן ר׳ חיים יוסף ז״ל

Mr Michael (מרדכי גדליה) Freedman ז''ל

All מוהלים and honoured guests are

warmly invited to take a דף in order

to be מסיים the מסכתא together.


The Siyum will be held alongside the Dinner on Sunday 16th July, 5:45-8:45PM in Bobov Hall, 90 Egerton Road, N16 6UE

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 26 Tammuz 5783 (Saturday, July 15, 2023) sundown.

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1Rabbi Avinoam CzitronBerachos daf 21
1Rabbi Shalom LandauBerachos daf 52
1Mr Hershl GluckBerachos daf 20
1Binyomin GreenBerachos daf 16
1Chaim Yisroel TeslerBerachos daf 29
1David KatzBerachos daf 5
1Dov OlsbergBerachos daf 25
1Zalmi SonnenfeldBerachos daf 15
1gabriel simonsBerachos daf 51
1Jeremy LeighBerachos daf 34
1Jospeh SchischaBerachos daf 53
1leslie solomonBerachos daf 14
1MD SpitzerBerachos daf 63
1Motty SimmondsBerachos daf 56
1philip weinsteinBerachos daf 18
1Y ABRAHAMBerachos daf 45
1Rabbi E SchwartzBerachos daf 4
1Maurice LevensonBerachos daf 2
1Rabbi Y M LandauBerachos daf 11
1Rabbi Dovid Chaim GluckstadtBerachos daf 17
1R’ Shlomo MerlinBerachos daf 13
1Dr Y SpitzerBerachos daf 3
1Elchonon SalzerBerachos daf 31
1Simon ChontowBerachos daf 47
1Yitzy WeinsteinBerachos daf 6
1Zvi KaufmanBerachos daf 50
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