Learn for Rivka Bat Gershon HaKohen V'Chasya (Ruth Reingold)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

We all have fond memories of Ruth/Ima/Grandma devotedly participating in the R' Sholom Kohn z"l shiur each week at Or Torah. Ima was also very meticulous in saying brachot. When reciting brachot became challenging, Abba and her daughters helped her complete her brachot, from candelighting to netilat yadayim, an inspiring memory for her whole family. We have therefore chosen to make a siyum on Masechet Brachot, honoring Ima's devotion to learning gemara and reciting brachot.

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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 7 Iyyar 5776 (Sunday, May 15, 2016) sundown.


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Submitted Comments

My section (perek 8) is now complete. Mike Stein
Michael Stein, 9 months ago
Our sections (13-17 for my son, and 36-37 for myself) are complete. Laurent Cohen
Nathaniel (Son Of Laurent) COHEN, 9 months ago
BAGEL Gordon's sections are now complete.
BAGEL Gordon, 9 months ago
Reena Zuckerman has finished her daf as has Naomi Shore (and Richard Shore)
Reena, 9 months ago
Deborah Klapper has completed her dapim.
Deborah Klapper, 9 months ago
debbi and marc Geller Brachos 23-25 complete
Debbi And Marc Geller, 9 months ago
Joni Blum & Danny Hassenfeld completed our dapim.
Joni Blum, 9 months ago
My daf was completed yesterday, Erev Shabbat. Learned together with Sue Stein and Andrea Rich.
Eudice Greenfield, 9 months ago
43-44, 61-64 COMPLETE! - Yehuda Gale and Tzipporah Machlah Klapper
Tzipporah Klapper, 9 months ago
done 26-29
Yf, 9 months ago

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2Rick CohnBerachos dafim 58-59
2Robert/Aryeh KlapperBerachos dafim 45-46
1Schulamith Halevy & Nachum DershowitzBerachos daf 61
4Shlomo Engelson ArgamonBerachos dafim 2-5
1Shoshanah Rose SeidmanBerachos daf 7
5Sima and Jeff NeigerBerachos dafim 21-25
5Stan ShapiroBerachos dafim 8-12
4Stephen LandesBerachos dafim 26-29
1Trachtenberg familyBerachos daf 10
4Tzipporah Machlah KlapperBerachos dafim 61-64
2Yaacov ChouekaBerachos dafim 43-44
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