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Current Signups

3A. Menachem BerkowitzBerachos dafim 51-53
1Eliran DahanBerachos daf 55
1chaim BerlinBerachos daf 8
5Efi FlaishmanBerachos dafim 46-50
4Eli kunstlingerBerachos dafim 54, 56-58
1Ari HartmanBerachos daf 45
4Israel M FarkashBerachos dafim 38-41
3Josh CoreyBerachos dafim 27-29
2Michael BercoviciBerachos dafim 2-3
1Moshe RosenfeldBerachos daf 64
4nachman MostofskyBerachos dafim 13-16
14ruben plazaBerachos dafim 5-7, 11-12, 21-25, 32-34, 36
4Shalom TybergBerachos dafim 17-20
5Yochanan ItzkowitzBerachos dafim 59-63
2Shmuli BachonBerachos dafim 30-31
1Yehoshua ShamelBerachos daf 26
1ISRAEL LIPPELBerachos daf 4
1YISROEL PlautBerachos daf 13
1Yitzi AdlinBerachos daf 10
1Yossi SchwartzBerachos daf 9
1Zecharya Yishai LevineBerachos daf 35
1Zev GoldsteinBerachos daf 42
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