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Please be aware of the following:

1) This program is being dedicated lelui nishmas Rabbi David A. Levine Zt''l – Harav Dovid Ahron ben Yitzchak Leib Halevi z''l

2) Please leave the daf that we have learnt in yeshiva (iyun/bekiyus) open for the 9th and 10th grade talmidim.

!!!הצלחה רבה

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 26 Sivan 5780 (Thursday, June 18, 2020) sundown.

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Current Signups

1Aaron RieselKiddushin daf 25
1Akiva BlumKiddushin daf 33
2akiva jegerKiddushin dafim 9-10
2Akiva YeshurunKiddushin dafim 55-56
1Asher GoldenbergKiddushin daf 14
1Asher GreenbergKiddushin daf 13
1Avi CohenKiddushin daf 32
2Brandon BenchetritKiddushin dafim 15-16
2Avraham AminovKiddushin dafim 64-65
1Avraham berryKiddushin daf 45
1Avraham Shlomo FuchsKiddushin daf 77
1Rabbi DanzigerKiddushin daf 52
1Benzion SchepanskyKiddushin daf 12
1Binyamin HadarKiddushin daf 7
1Daniel AkrishKiddushin daf 72
1Akiva NeuhausKiddushin daf 63
1Yitzchak MercadoKiddushin daf 21
3Daniel AttiasKiddushin dafim 29-30, 69
2Tzvi RubinKiddushin dafim 48, 70
2David SharbaniKiddushin dafim 61-62
1Daniel BagdadiKiddushin daf 74
2Daniel ChattahKiddushin dafim 46, 68
2Daniel HeineyKiddushin dafim 59-60
1Dovid AlberKiddushin daf 67
1Noam RichmondKiddushin daf 5
1David FrydmanKiddushin daf 8
1David SalzhauerKiddushin daf 73
1R' Goldman's ShiurKiddushin daf 34
4Emanuel AminovKiddushin dafim 38-39, 79-80
1Ephraim BerkowitzKiddushin daf 31
2Gavriel WeinerKiddushin dafim 23, 47
2Isaac benzaquenKiddushin dafim 17-18
2Mendel ReinesKiddushin dafim 35-36
2Mordechai BernsteinKiddushin dafim 11, 40
3Mordechai KierKiddushin dafim 3-4, 6
1Moshe SchillerKiddushin daf 78
1natan mizrahiKiddushin daf 22
1Natan TsaliahKiddushin daf 50
1Netanel HendelKiddushin daf 2
3Nossie BergidaKiddushin dafim 20, 27-28
1Rabbi BeckerKiddushin daf 53
1Rabbi BergidaKiddushin daf 51
1Rabbi BlinderKiddushin daf 75
1Rabbi GoldmanKiddushin daf 71
1Rabbi SchlisselKiddushin daf 54
1Rabbi DreyfussKiddushin daf 76
1Sammy SakaKiddushin daf 26
2Shua JegerKiddushin dafim 43-44
3Simcha ShaffrenKiddushin dafim 57, 81-82
1Tzvika SalzhauerKiddushin daf 66
1Yaacov SuissaKiddushin daf 58
1Yehuda BloomKiddushin daf 42
1Yehuda PomperKiddushin daf 41
1Yisrael WinterKiddushin daf 37
1Yitzy SiegelKiddushin daf 19
1Yosef NessKiddushin daf 24
1Yoshi KorikKiddushin daf 49
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