The 2020 Yavneh Minyan Nach Learning Program

Welcome to the 2020 Yavneh Minyan Nach Learning Program. Please select a sefer from the ones available. If you have difficulty choosing, please contact Michael Klein by calling him at (718) 627-4487, or emailing at [email protected] The siyum is scheduled for December, although an exact date has not yet been set.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant Books, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 29 Kislev 5781 (Tuesday, December 15, 2020) sundown.

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Torah books (disabled)


Yehoshua (24) Shoftim (21) Shmuel 1 (31)
Shmuel 2 (24) Melachim 1 (22) Melachim 2 (25)
Yeshaya (66) Yirmiya (52) Yechezkel (48)
Hoshea (14) Yoel (4) Amos (9)
Ovadia (1) Yona (4) Micha (7)
Nachum (3) Chavakuk (3) Tzefania (3)
Chagai (2) Zecharia (14) Malachi (3)


Tehilim (150) Mishlei (31) Iyov (42)
Daniel (12) Ezra (10) Nechemia (13)
Shir Hashirim (8) Ruth (4) Eicha (5)
Koheles (12) Esther (10) Divrei Hayamim 1 (29)
Divrei Hayamim 2 (36)   

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4Aimee CohenAmos, Ruth, Hoshea, Yoel
1Aliza Gittel SklarTehilim
1avrom millerIyov
2Bina(Hyman)Gur-AryehEzra, Yirmiya
1Dov HakohenDivrei Hayamim 2
1Frieda HornestayKoheles
1Geoffery CarmanMelachim 1
1Geoffrey CarmanMishlei
1Gil GolanYona
1Jonathan BakerEsther
1Joseph CornMicha
1Leah BennettYeshaya
1Scott FeinbergShoftim
1Lynne CassoutoDaniel
1Mashi ChoinaMelachim 2
2Michael KleinChavakuk, Nechemia
1Michael TroyDivrei Hayamim 1
1Rabbi Moshe SokolMalachi
1Rina BlechShmuel 1
2Rivka SchechterMelachim 2, Yechezkel
1Robin KaplanZecharia
1Sarah Yehudis RothschildChagai
1Saul GubermanShir Hashirim
1Sharon ShapiroNachum
1Shoshannah BrombacherTzefania
1Wayne LacksEicha
1Yonah HellmanYehoshua
1Yonah hellmanShmuel 2
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