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Dear community members and friends,

We are thrilled to be welcoming a new Torah that has been gifted to the Mizrachi OU-JLIC community in Herzliya. As part of the celebration, which will be on Thursday 26 January, we would like to make a siyyum on all of Torah. Please sign up to learn one or a few chapters!

Note: If we fill this siyum and there are still people interested in participating, we will open up Neviim and Ketuvim.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 4 Shevat 5783 (Thursday, January 26, 2023) sundown.

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Bereishit (50/50 100%)
Shmot (40/40 100%)
Vayikra (27/27 100%)
Bamidbar (36/36 100%)
Devarim (34/34 100%)

Neviim books (disabled)

Ketuvim books (disabled)

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Current Signups

8Ahava GoldgrabBereishit chapters 45-47; Devarim chapters 18-22
35Ami RamrasBereishit chapters 8-11; Shmot chapters 32-34; Vayikra chapters 16-18, 20-21, 26-27; Bamidbar chapters 1-4, 13-24; Devarim chapters 27-31
2Ben ZatmanBamidbar chapters 25-26
3Benjamin ZatmanBamidbar chapters 27-29
4Chanan BursteinBereishit chapters 12-15
4Dahlia panitchBereishit chapters 26-29
2Dalya AdlerBereishit chapters 41-42
6Daniel SelesnyBereishit chapters 20-25
3Elan and Chloe ZashinBereishit chapters 3-5
15IlanShmot chapters 12-20; Vayikra chapters 8-13
30Ezri MenachemShmot chapters 27-31, 35-40; Vayikra chapters 4-7; Bamidbar chapters 7, 11-12; Devarim chapters 6-7, 12-17, 23-26
3Heidi KravitzDevarim chapters 3-5
2Ionia SoferBereishit chapters 43-44
3Jake and Ayala MannisBereishit chapters 48-50
2Jordan LandesShmot chapters 7-8
2Lexi Price and Susan AlaluBamidbar chapters 5-6
2Liat ShearBereishit chapters 1-2
3Maya WadlerShmot chapters 1-3
2Mel MashmoorShmot chapter 26; Bamidbar chapter 10
4Mendy NewmarkBereishit chapters 16-19
4Nili FischerDevarim chapters 8-11
2Noa MintzBamidbar chapters 8-9
2Noam FriedmanVayikra chapters 14-15
2Oryah RudickBereishit chapters 6-7
3Sarah GurevichVayikra chapters 1-3
2Shiffy FriedmanDevarim chapters 1-2
3Shira DiamondDevarim chapters 32-34
4Temima SchwartzShmot chapters 4-6; Vayikra chapter 19
2yael rovtBereishit chapters 30-31
4Yael ShapiroVayikra chapters 22-25
7Yair SlaskyBamidbar chapters 30-36
5Yehudah WrotslavskyShmot chapters 21-25
3Yona PamenskyShmot chapters 9-11
4Yoni StrashunBereishit chapters 37-40
5Yossi SheldonBereishit chapters 32-36
      35 people signed up for 187 chapters   export



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