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Shavuot this year offers a great opportunity to learn on your own or with your family. To encourage the learning we have organized an HIWP learning activity so that we can come together post chag for a community siyum.

We've chosen the Book of Samuel (1 and 2) and the 5 Megillot for our learning.

Look over the books selected below and sign up for as many or as few chapters as you feel like you would like to learn between now through Shavuot.

You can learn by yourself or with a friend or family member. You can learn now or on Shavuot. You can listen to an online class, learn the text on your own or read articles about your chapter. The idea is to learn and have fun.

We'll then join together on Sunday morning after Shavuot to share some torah and celebrate a siyum.

Thank you and happy learning!

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 8 Sivan 5780 (Sunday, May 31, 2020) sundown.

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Torah books (disabled)


Yehoshua disabledShoftim disabledShmuel 1 (31/31 100%)
Shmuel 2 (24/24 100%)
Melachim 1 disabledMelachim 2 disabled
Yeshaya disabledYirmiya disabledYechezkel disabled
Hoshea disabledYoel disabledAmos disabled
Ovadia disabledYona disabledMicha disabled
Nachum disabledChavakuk disabledTzefania disabled
Chagai disabledZecharia disabledMalachi disabled


Tehilim disabledMishlei disabledIyov disabled
Daniel disabledEzra disabledNechemia disabled
Shir Hashirim (9/8 112.5%)
Ruth (8/4 200%)
Eicha (5/5 100%)
Koheles (12/12 100%)
Esther (10/10 100%)
Divrei Hayamim 1 disabled
Divrei Hayamim 2 disabled  

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Current Signups

1Adina GoldmanShmuel 1 chapter 16
6Adina SteinbergShmuel 1 chapters 3-8
1Ariella GoldmanShmuel 1 chapter 17
2Aaron SteinbergShmuel 2 chapters 23-24
2Bob BrodyShmuel 1 chapters 1-2
2Brooke PollakRuth chapters 1-2
5David LichtensteinShmuel 1 chapter 9; Shmuel 2 chapters 18-20; Ruth chapter 4
10David and Aliza WassermanEsther chapters 1-10
6David ZimbalistShmuel 1 chapter 14; Eicha chapters 1-5
12Jeremy RosenblumShmuel 1 chapters 18-29
5Eytan and Jordan RosenstockShmuel 2 chapters 1-5
8Lisa AschkenasyShmuel 2 chapters 8-15
5Lisa GilbertShir Hashirim chapter 1; Ruth chapters 1-4
1Mali Goldberg-KellmanRuth chapter 3
2Shai Goldberg-KellmanShmuel 2 chapters 6-7
2Blumenfeld FamilyKoheles chapters 3-4
8Moriah LevinKoheles chapters 5-12
2Rebecca AmaruShmuel 2 chapters 16-17
4Rebecca WolfShmuel 1 chapters 10-13
4Rena FredmanShmuel 1 chapters 30-31; Shmuel 2 chapters 21-22
2Sara LabatonKoheles chapters 1-2
1Shira GoldmanShmuel 1 chapter 15
8Shlomo ResslerShir Hashirim chapters 1-8
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