Learn for Shmuel Ben Nechemiah (Stan Grusd)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Thanks for taking the time to sign up for some mishnayot learning in honour of Stan Grusd.. Stan loved Torah and its a great tribute to him to try to complete shas mishnayot by his shloshim.

You can access an easy English translation on http://www.emishnah.com/sedarim.html

Alternatively, Should you wish to, you can download the Mishna Kehati App. This will make your learning meaningful and understandable.

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yasher Koach!!!

To join this siyum of Mishna, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 14 Nisan 5776 (Friday, April 22, 2016) sundown.

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Berachos (9) Peah (8) Demai (7)
Kilaim (9) Sheviis (10) Terumos (11)
Maasros (5) Maaser Sheini (5) Challah (4)
Orlah (3) Bikkurim (4)  


Shabbos (24) Eruvin (10) Pesachim (10)
Shekalim (8) Yoma (8) Sukkah (5)
Beitzah (5) Rosh Hashanah (4) Taanis (4)
Megillah (4) Moed Katan (3) Chagigah (3)


Yevamos (16) Kesuvos (13) Nedarim (11)
Nazir (9) Sotah (9) Gittin (9)
Kiddushin (4)   


Bava Kamma (10) Bava Metzia (10) Bava Basra (10)
Sanhedrin (11) Makkos (3) Shevuos (8)
Edyos (8) Avodah Zarah (5) Avot (6)
Horayos (3)   


Zevahim (14) Menahos (13) Hullin (12)
Bechoros (9) Arakhin (9) Temurah (7)
Kerisos (6) Meilah (6) Tamid (7)
Middos (5) Kinnim (3)  


Keilim (30) Ohalos (18) Negaim (14)
Parah (12) Taharos (10) Mikvaos (10)
Niddah (10) Machshirin (6) Zavim (5)
Tevul Yom (4) Yadayim (4) Uktzin (3)

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Thanks to Lance Katz who did 5 of the 7 Chapters for Temura
Jp Burke, 8 months ago

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1Evan SklaarGittin
3Nicole LabeBikkurim, Challah, Kesuvos
1Eytan LabeNazir
7Matthew LabeTaanis, Avodah Zarah, Taharos, Horayos, Keilim, Yevamos, Bava Basra
2Gavriel LabeUktzin, Sukkah
1Jarred MyersEruvin
1Joanne MyersAvot
1Joel CaneBava Kamma
2Jonathan AltmanMenahos, Kinnim
2Jp BurkeTemurah, Kiddushin
1Kalman GreenMiddos
5Lance KatzBava Metzia, Machshirin, Zavim, Meilah, Tevul Yom
2Martin ChesnoEdyos, Zevahim
1Mendel popackBeitzah
2Michael AlbeldasNedarim, Yadayim
1Bevan FranklinMoed Katan
1Nathan FranklinChagigah
4Neill SnapeSheviis, Maaser Sheini, Makkos, Negaim
11Paul GrusdNiddah, Orlah, Bechoros, Arakhin, Yoma, Rosh Hashanah, Terumos, Shekalim, Kilaim, Mikvaos, Maasros
1Pini HechtTamid
1Raphael BerkmanKerisos
2Saul KaplanPeah, Demai
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