Learn for Grunia Bat Yaakov (Grunia Slutzky Kohn)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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Seder Zeraim (disabled)


Shabbat (24) Eruvin (10) Pesachim (10)
Shekalim (8) Yoma (8) Sukkah (5)
Beitzah (5) Rosh Hashanah (4) Taanit (4)
Megillah (4) Moed Katan (3) Chagigah (3)

Seder Nashim (disabled)


Bava Kamma (10) Bava Metzia (10) Bava Batra (10)
Sanhedrin (11) Makkot (3) Shevuot (8)
Edyot (8) Avodah Zarah (5) Avot (6)
Horayot (3)   

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

Seder Taharot (disabled)

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1Chanan StrassmanShekalim
1Devorah ShapiroPesachim
1Gershon AlbertEruvin
2Laizer AlbertSukkah, Shabbat
1Laura AlbertChagigah
1Meira AlbertBeitzah
1Sam BienenfeldAvot
1yekutiel rackovskyHorayot
1emanuel rackovskySanhedrin
2yoel rackovskyBava Metzia, Bava Batra
1elyashiv rackovskyAvodah Zarah
1shaltiel rackovskyEdyot
1yoni blockMoed Katan
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