Yahrzeit for Avi West (Avi Shmuel ben Yerachmiel)

Friends: Thank you for joining Tanach learning in memory of Avi West, z"l. For ease of use, the learning is divided into two separate siyums, both of which are to conclude on the same date. Sign up for the Chumash/Torah siyum is by parsha. Learning for Neviim and Ketuvim, which are the two other parts of Tanach, is by chapter. Sign up separately for each of these siyums and also let your friends know about this learning opportunity,by sharing the link to this site. Tizku l'mitzvos.

To join this siyum, please check the relevant boxes, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 25 Av 5782 (Monday, August 22, 2022) sundown.

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Bereishis (146) Noach (153) Lech Lecha (126)
Vayera (147) Chayei Sarah (105) Toldos (106)
Vayetzei (148) Vayishlach (154) Vayeshev (112)
Miketz (147) Vayigash (106) Vayechi (85)


Shemos (124) Vaeira (121) Bo (105)
Beshalach (116) Yisro (72) Mishpatim (118)
Terumah (96) Tetzaveh (101) Ki Sisa (139)
Vayakhel (122) Pekudei (92)  


Vayikra (111) Tzav (96) Shemini (91)
Tazria (67) Metzora (90) Acharei Mos (80)
Kedoshim (64) Emor (124) Behar (57)
Bechukotai (78)   


Bamidbar (159) Nasso (176) Behaaloscha (136)
Shlach Lecha (119) Korach (95) Chukas (87)
Balak (104) Pinchas (168) Matos (112)
Masei (132)   


Devarim (105) Vaeschanan (118) Eikev (111)
Re-eh (126) Shoftim (97) Ki Seitzei (110)
Ki Savo (122) Nitzavim (40) Vayeilech (30)
Haazinu (52) Zos HaBracha (41)  

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I signed up for all of Sefer Ezra. Please change the name from Sigla Potter to Marshall and Sigla Potter. I will learn the sefer with my husband. Thank you.
Sigla Potter, 1 month ago

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1Abraham WicentowskyTzav
1Alan A. FisherBehaaloscha
1Ann HichenbergVayigash
1Barbara M KesselVaeira
1Barbara KesselVaeira
1Barry and Carole SilvermetzRe-eh
1Ben GasnerVayechi
1Billye RobertsVayigash
1Bob LeviMishpatim
1Chaim WicentowskyTazria
1Daniel AbadiBamidbar
2David SmolarMetzora, Ki Seitzei
1Eli LandyTerumah
2Esther BardackBereishis, Noach
1Ilana WeiselNoach
1Jackie Land, JoHanna Potts, Rebecca WeissmanShoftim
2Judy ZawatskyYisro, Korach
1Ken and Cheryl JacobsonMasei
1Kenenth HorowitzBalak
1Manny & Loretta SadwinBeshalach
4Max RudmannBo, Bechukotai, Pinchas, Shemini
6Michael BackmanNasso, Vaeschanan, Vayishlach, Vayeshev, Ki Sisa, Emor
1Orah Lipsky and Shalom LewisAcharei Mos
1Rabbi Gedalia WallsBereishis
4Rabbi Saul KossLech Lecha, Vayera, Toldos, Vayetzei
2Rabbi Zev KatzNitzavim, Vayeilech
1Rene IsserMatos
1Richard DineZos HaBracha
2Richard SoskinVayakhel, Pekudei
1Rise GoldsteinKi Savo
1Saadia GreenbergShemos
2Sharon FreundelKedoshim, Vayikra
1Sima JacobyEikev
1Tamara Fine SkverskyDevarim
1Yehoshua RedfernChayei Sarah
1Cantor Elwin RedfernChayei Sarah
6Zvi FoxMiketz, Tetzaveh, Behar, Shlach, Chukas, Haazinu
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