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√Bereishis (146) Noach (153) √Lech Lecha (126)
Vayera (147) √Chayei Sarah (105) √Toldos (106)
√Vayetzei (148) Vayishlach (154) √Vayeshev (112)
√Miketz (147) √Vayigash (106) √Vayechi (85)


√Shemos (124) √Vaeira (121) Bo (105)
Beshalach (116) √Yisro (72) Mishpatim (118)
√Terumah (96) √Tetzaveh (101) √Ki Sisa (139)
√Vayakhel (122) √Pekudei (92)  


Vayikra (111) Tzav (96) Shemini (91)
Tazria (67) Metzora (90) Acharei Mos (80)
√Kedoshim (64) Emor (124) √Behar (57)
√Bechukotai (78)   

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1Basalely FamilyVayigash
3AnonymousVaeira, Yisro, Shemos
2Eliana SamuelsTerumah, Tetzaveh
1Emanuel DickerBehar
1Gavi BrandsdorferVayetzei
2Gavi SamuelsVayakhel, Pekudei
1Hefter FamilyBereishis
1Jack SteinbergVayechi
1Henry SteinbergBechukotai
1James and William HammermanKedoshim
1Ruthie WeissChayei Sarah
1Max WeissVayeshev
1Mordecai DickerMiketz
1Yehoshua GoldbergLech Lecha
1Roni SamuelsToldos
1The Hirsch FamilyKi Sisa
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