Learn for Yeshaya Zev Ben Gedaliah (Sydney (Shia) Blau)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 1 Sivan 5782 (Tuesday, May 31, 2022) sundown.

Talmud Bavli Siyum is 37.8% Assigned
(14/37 Tractates)

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Berachos (63 dafim)


Shabbos (156 dafim) Eruvin (104 dafim) Pesachim (120 dafim)
Shekalim (21 dafim) √Yoma (87 dafim) Sukkah (55 dafim)
Beitzah (39 dafim) √Rosh Hashanah (34 dafim) √Taanis (30 dafim)
√Megillah (31 dafim) √Moed Katan (28 dafim) √Chagigah (26 dafim)


Yevamos (121 dafim) Kesuvos (111 dafim) Nedarim (90 dafim)
Nazir (65 dafim) Sotah (48 dafim) Gittin (89 dafim)
Kiddushin (81 dafim)   


√Bava Kamma (118 dafim) √Bava Metzia (118 dafim) Bava Basra (175 dafim)
√Sanhedrin (112 dafim) √Makkos (23 dafim) Shevuos (48 dafim)
Avodah Zarah (75 dafim) Horayos (13 dafim)  


Zevahim (119 dafim) Menahos (109 dafim) √Hullin (141 dafim)
Bechoros (60 dafim) √Arakhin (33 dafim) Temurah (33 dafim)
Kerisos (27 dafim) √Meilah+ (36 dafim)  


√Niddah (72 dafim)

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5RybgHullin, Arakhin, Bava Kamma, Sanhedrin, Makkos
1Shalom BlauMegillah
1Tuvia BlauRosh Hashanah
1Michael SchlossYoma
1Rabbi Yehoshou SchlossBava Metzia
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