In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva's Siyum HaShas

As the Rosh HaYeshiva makes another Siyum HaShas, we invite Alumni and friends to be a part of simultaneous joint siyum!

Please choose as many dafim as you can complete before the siyum on 1/29/23.

Together let's honor our Rebbe by learning with him!

In order to keep you up to date with the siyum info, please make sure we have your current info by filling out the form at

The Alumni Association

Yeshiva Gedola & Mesivta of Carteret

Questions? Email [email protected]

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 7 Shevat 5783 (Sunday, January 29, 2023) sundown.

Talmud Bavli Siyum is 21.6% Assigned
(172/794 dafim)

current signup list


Berachos (30/63 47.6%)


Shabbos (25/156 16%)
Eruvin (9/104 8.7%)
Pesachim (0/120 0%)
Shekalim (0/21 0%)
Yoma (0/87 0%)
Sukkah (37/55 67.3%)
Beitzah (0/39 0%)
Rosh Hashanah (34/34 100%)
Taanis (6/30 20%)
Megillah (31/31 100%)
Moed Katan (0/28 0%)
Chagigah (0/26 0%)

Seder Nashim (disabled)

Seder Nezikim (disabled)

Seder Kodashim (disabled)

Seder Taharos (disabled)

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Current Signups

25abShabbos dafim 57-81
22Ezriel JablinSukkah dafim 20-41
34Nosson kaminsRosh Hashanah dafim 2-35
31Shragi YankelewitzMegillah dafim 2-32
30Yitzchak granitskyBerachos dafim 35-64
15Yaakov Uri KahnSukkah dafim 42-56
9Yaakov T. BidermanEruvin dafim 2-10
6Yechiel SternTaanis dafim 26-31
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