Learn for ר' יהושע העשל בן שמואל יעקב זצ"ל (Mr. Harvey Modes Z''L)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Zaidys whole life was all about learning and family Let's get together, family and friends, and try to finish shas by his yartzeit!

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant Tractates, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 16 Kislev 5780 (Saturday, December 14, 2019) sundown.

Talmud Bavli Siyum is 97.2% Assigned
(36/37 Tractates)

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Berachos (63 dafim)


Shabbos (156 dafim) Eruvin (104 dafim) Pesachim (120 dafim)
Shekalim (21 dafim) Yoma (87 dafim) Sukkah (55 dafim)
Beitzah (39 dafim) Rosh Hashanah (34 dafim) Taanis (30 dafim)
Megillah (31 dafim) Moed Katan (28 dafim) Chagigah (26 dafim)


Yevamos (121 dafim) Kesuvos (111 dafim) Nedarim (90 dafim)
Nazir (65 dafim) Sotah (48 dafim) Gittin (89 dafim)
Kiddushin (81 dafim)   


Bava Kamma (118 dafim) Bava Metzia (118 dafim) Bava Basra (175 dafim)
Sanhedrin (112 dafim) Makkos (23 dafim) Shevuos (48 dafim)
Avodah Zarah (75 dafim) Horayos (13 dafim)  


Zevahim (119 dafim) Menahos (109 dafim) Hullin (141 dafim)
Bechoros (60 dafim) Arakhin (33 dafim) Temurah (33 dafim)
Kerisos (27 dafim) Meilah+ (36 dafim)  


Niddah (72 dafim)

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1Aaron JakofskyEruvin
1Baruch silvermanYevamos
1Dovid ModesMegillah
1Mendy HutnerAvodah Zarah
1Shmarya ModesNiddah
1Gedalia GlassmanTemurah
1Moshe JakofskyHorayos
1Moshe SaslowZevahim
2Nachum ModesShekalim, Sotah
1Nachum ModesTaanis
1Naftali ModesKiddushin
2Shmuel Yaakov modesSukkah, Beitzah
1Shmuel Yaakov ModesBava Metzia
1Sruli E ModesMenahos
1Sruly Lurie (1-7) Moshe Raful (8-10)Bava Kamma
8TakenShabbos, Kesuvos, Shevuos, Hullin, Bechoros, Arakhin, Kerisos, Meilah+
1Pinny modesBava Basra
1Yehuda zev modesMakkos
1Shmuly modesMoed Katan
1Chesky modesChagigah
1Duvy robinsonNedarim
1Moishy modesYoma
1Yisroel GrossbergSanhedrin
1Yitzchok KranczerRosh Hashanah
1Yitzy ModesGittin
1Yosef GoldbergPesachim
1Yossi ModesBerachos
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