Learn for יעקב בן חוה (Jack M)
Refuah Shelema
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Tehilim divided into 30 parts. (as in day of month)

ch.1-9 (part 1) ch.10-17 (part 2) ch.18-22 (part 3)
ch.23-28 (part 4) ch.29-34 (part 5) ch.35-38 (part 6)
ch.39-43 (part 7) ch.44-48 (part 8) ch.49-54 (part 9)
ch.55-59 (part 10) ch.60-65 (part 11) ch.66-68 (part 12)
ch.69-71 (part 13) ch.72-76 (part 14) ch.77-78 (part 15)
ch.79-82 (part 16) ch.83-87 (part 17) ch.88-89 (part 18)
ch.90-96 (part 19) ch.97-103 (part 20) ch.104-105 (part 21)
ch.106-107 (part 22) ch.108-112 (part 23) ch.113-118 (part 24)
ch.119 (part 25) ch.119 (part 26) ch.120-134 (part 27)
ch.135-139 (part 28) ch.140-144 (part 29) ch.145-150 (part 30)

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Thanks to Aunt Gale for organizing this.
Thanks to Dudu for setting up the alternate site.
תודה לדודה גייל על שארגנה את זה.
תודה לדודו על הקמת האתר החלופי.
h t t p : / / tehilimyahad . com / mr.jsp?r=dCmNDNWAYG
Aron M, 5 months ago
Remove spaces in the link line above to go to the site Dudu set up
Computer misspelled Gail in above comment.
Aron M, 5 months ago
h t t p ://www.chabad . org/library/bible_cdo/aid/16222
remove spaces above for link to tehillim with Hebrew, English and Rahs
Aron M, 5 months ago

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