Honoring Jon's Memory

One way that we honor the deceased in Jewish tradition is by studying our sacred texts. Please join us in honoring Jonathan Woocher z'l by learning a page or two of Talmud in his memory. We will be collectively learning all of Masechet Berachot, which you can study on your own or with a friend, in English or Hebrew (for these purposes, 'study' means to read the text and reflect on it). A good place to find the text is on Sefaria.

If you have any questions on this ritual way of honoring the deceased, feel free to email Rabbi Lee Moore.

Look below and click on the +sign, which will reveal a list of each page (Daf).

Please do not worry about 'taking up' too much space. Once we cover all of the pages, we will open it up for mutliple sign-ups for the same page.

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 29 Elul 5777 (Wednesday, September 20, 2017) sundown.

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Current Signups

1Aaron Dorfman and Talia Milgrom-ElcottBerachos daf 9
1Abby LevineBerachos daf 25
1Adam SimonBerachos daf 21
1Aliza MazorBerachos daf 58
2Ari WeissBerachos dafim 39, 41
3Ariel Burger and David JaffeBerachos dafim 55-57
1Arnee and Walt WinshallBerachos daf 51
2Avi OrlowBerachos dafim 52-53
1Avi RubelBerachos daf 7
1Bill Robinson and Tia ZlotnikoffBerachos daf 47
2Caren LevineBerachos dafim 38, 38
2Carol BoothBerachos dafim 2-3
1Cass GottliebBerachos daf 45
1Daniel SeptimusBerachos daf 13
1Dara SteinbergBerachos daf 18
3David C AaronsonBerachos dafim 14-16
1David ElcottBerachos daf 34
2David FederBerachos dafim 17-18
1David WinitskyBerachos daf 49
2Elie KaunferBerachos dafim 11-12
3Ilana MantellBerachos dafim 62-64
4Jason RubensteinBerachos dafim 13-16
1Jeffrey SteinBerachos daf 32
1Jeremy FingermanBerachos daf 53
1Jill JacobsBerachos daf 25
1Jodi BrombergBerachos daf 36
3Josh FeigelsonBerachos dafim 59-61
1Karla WorrellBerachos daf 10
1Kate O'BrienBerachos daf 44
1Kimberly Miller RubenfeldBerachos daf 51
1Lee MooreBerachos daf 19
1Lesley MatsaBerachos daf 37
2Lisa Capelouto and Paul BernsteinBerachos dafim 23-24
1Lisa GoldsteinBerachos daf 35
1Marcella Kanfer Rolnick & Josh RolnickBerachos daf 20
1Matt BarBerachos daf 42
1Meredith LewisBerachos daf 40
1Philip WarmflashBerachos daf 54
1Rabbi Brad GreensteinBerachos daf 8
1Rabbi Jacob SiegelBerachos daf 46
1Robert Bank and Alan CohenBerachos daf 28
1Robert J. SafersteinBerachos daf 54
1Sara BambergerBerachos daf 22
1Sarah leftonBerachos daf 43
1Scott AaronBerachos daf 52
1Susan ElkodsiBerachos daf 29
1Toby RubinBerachos daf 19
1Todd J SukolBerachos daf 50
2Tracy KaplowitzBerachos dafim 30-31
2Tzvi KlugermanBerachos dafim 26-27
5Vanessa OchsBerachos dafim 2-6
5vanessa OchsBerachos dafim 2-6
1Yael SteinerBerachos daf 33
1Yossi Prager, Susan Kardos and Galli AizenmanBerachos daf 48
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