Learn for David Ben Shlomo (David Englander)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Lezecher nishmmat David ben Shlomo z"l

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2Alan FederPesachim dafim 42-43
8Avi GarelickPesachim dafim 50-57
2avi jacobowitzPesachim dafim 26-27
2Bin DauberPesachim dafim 46-47
17David PerechokyPesachim dafim 4-20
2Doni BloomfieldPesachim dafim 23-24
2Dovid RosengartenPesachim dafim 30-31
2Eric FederPesachim dafim 44-45
2Gavriel MetzgerPesachim dafim 40-41
2Gilad BarachPesachim dafim 48-49
2Henry RothmanPesachim dafim 107-108
2Jason SugarmanPesachim dafim 2-3
2Michael FrancusPesachim dafim 28-29
4Naomi GPesachim dafim 103-106
7Noach GoldsteinPesachim dafim 58-64
22Sam EnglanderPesachim dafim 65-86
12Steven EnglanderPesachim dafim 110-121
5Sarah EnglanderPesachim dafim 87-91
1Saul LubetskiPesachim daf 109
4Tova ReiterPesachim dafim 35-38
4Vera ShikhelmanPesachim dafim 99-102
2Zach BienenfeldPesachim dafim 21-22
7Zev KarasikPesachim dafim 92-98
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